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College Honors


Through the College Honors process, outstanding College of Sciences students are provided the opportunity to earn the College Honors distinction on their graduating transcript after completing advanced study under close faculty supervision. Approval for College Honors is based on the student’s academic performance, and ultimately, upon the recommendation of faculty members, the Department Chair, and the Associate Dean.

To be eligible to pursue College Honors, students must first:

  • Be completing a major in the College of Sciences
  • Have a Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or greater
  • Have a Major grade point average of 3.0 or greater

If those criteria are satisfied, then during their final academic year students must enroll in and complete two semesters of Honors Research (#4993) or a similar course in their major. (Any course other than Honors Research needs approved via substitution/petition prior to registering.) At the conclusion of those two semesters, students are expected to have produced a high-quality research paper/thesis. The courses’ Instructor of Record and one additional faculty member must read and approve the research paper. A copy of the research paper and the Approval Memo with appropriate signatures should be sent to the Associate Dean in the College of Sciences Dean’s Office for final review.

Students interested in this process can contact the Dean’s Office, their major Department, and their Academic Advisor with any questions.


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