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2015 Background

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College of Education and Human Development at The University of Texas at San Antonio Online Magazine

International Perspectives PrEP Access Loretta Clarke Giving Back Through Theater Arts Jennifer Vassell


Giving Back Through Theater Arts
Giving Back Through Theater Arts

Tony Plana’s theater arts summer camp

PrEP Access
PrEP Access

bringing HIV-prevention to San Antonio

Loretta Clarke
Loretta Clarke

Alumni Spotlight

Jennifer Vassell
Jennifer Vassell

Student Spotlight

International Perspective
International Perspectives


Spectrum Fall 2015 cover
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Spectrum Fall 2015 cover
About the Cover

In creating the next generation of education and human development professionals, the COEHD develops, shapes, and changes the minds of our students, which affects the future of our students and communities. What better symbol of transformation than a butterfly? Brothers Donavin Bedell (L), Dylan Bedell (R), and Ryan McNeely (Lower), sport butterfly faces to show how the COEHD transforms not only our students’ futures, but theirs and their communities as well.


Message from the Dean

Dean Betty Merchant

Welcome to the 2015: A Year in Review issue of the Spectrum magazine for the College of Education and Human Development. We are gearing up for the Spring 2016 semester, and faculty, staff, and students are deeply engaged in the educational processes, enthusiastically working with a wide range of community partners, and making important contributions with respect to teaching and learning, health, and wellness.

As we continue to pursue our goal of becoming a Tier One University, we remain committed to innovative research that responds to the needs of the communities we serve, while also generating new knowledge that plays a critical role in informing the policies and practices of educators, counselors, and health professionals. Also essential to achieving our mission is our commitment to providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to work respectfully, creatively, and collaboratively with diverse populations, often within rapidly changing and unpredictable contexts. We are deeply conscious of the responsibilities we bear as educators and are unwavering in our commitment to serve others through excellence in teaching, research, and service.

While no single publication can pature the full range and quality of activities in which our students and faculty are currently participating in, this issue provides a sampling of some of the work that we do. The articles demonstrate our commitment to local, national, and international research, teaching, and service. As reflected in the Spectrum, our faculty members continue to distinguish themselves and our college by being elected to influential leadership positions in their national professional organizations. The networks associated with these organizations provide valuable opportunties for our students to interact with experts in their respective fields of study.

As in years past, the graduates of the college continue to be recognized as unique teachers, administrators, university professors, counselors, and health professionals in that they possess the ability to effectively work with a broad range of children, youth, and families. A large number of our graduates were recognized for their individual contributions, and overall excellence, in teaching and leadership throughout the year. This spring, we graduated our largest ever doctoral class of 20 students, and this fall, we welcomed hundreds of incoming freshman to the college.

We are constantly growing and refining our programs, and we appreciate your continuing support of our efforts, particularly at a time when public education, regardless of the national context, is facing enormous challenges.

Best Wishes for the New Year!


Betty Merchant

Betty M. Merchant
Dean of the College of Education and Human Development

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