B4 Higher Education Reasearch and Development (HERD) Total Research per Total Faculty FTE
Fiscal Year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Expenditure $92,586 $76,534 $86,931 $93,603 $109,715
B4 HERD Total Research per Total Faculty FTE
HERD Total Research per Total Faculty FTE

Expenditures from UTSA's current operating funds that were separately accounted for. Expenditures came from internal or external funding and included recovered and unrecovered indirect costs. Funds passed through to subrecipient organizations were also included. R&D was excluded if it was conducted by university faculty or staff at outside institutions and was not accounted for in the reporting institution's financial records.

Faculty FTE is the sum of tenured and tenure-track faculty members, full-time employees, and 1/3rd of the part-time faculty. IPEDS provided Faculty FTE.

Source: National Science Foundation; IPEDS