C4 Working or Enrolled in Texas within One Year after Award
Fiscal Year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Statewide 77% 77% 76% 75% 74%
UTSA 78% 78% 78% 77% 77%
C4 Working or Enrolled in Texas within One Year After Award
Percentage of Baccalaureates Found Working or Enrolled in Texas Within One Year after Earning a Degree

UTSA graduation records were matched with Texas Workforce Commission employment records by the THECB. Employment was determined if the former student was found working in the 4th quarter his/her graduation year. Pursuit of additional higher education was documented if the individual was found enrolled in the fall semester of his/her graduation year. Note that this metric does not fully reflect the success of students who find employment or academic opportunities outside of the state of Texas.

Source: Texas Workforce Commission