F2 Endowment Funds ($400M in Fall 2028)
Fiscal Year 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Quasi Endowment (Total) 12M 14M 15M 20M 21M
True and Term Endowments (Total) 102M 108M 119M 132M 143M
Total 114M 122M 134M 152M 164M
F2 Endowment Funds
Endowment Funds (total in millions)

Total endowment is the total of true and term endowments and quasi endowments.

True (sometimes called permanent) endowment is a fund created by a donor (or other external party) with the stipulation that the principal is to be maintained and invested in perpetuity to produce income, investment growth, or both.

A term endowment is created when a donor (or other external party) specifies that the funds must be held and invested until the passage of a specified time or the occurrence of a specified event. The donor (or other external party) also specifies what is to be done with the income and investment growth during the specified period. In some cases, those earnings are subject to a purpose restriction established in the gift instrument.

Endowment funds held by a foundation for the expressed use of the university are included.

A quasi-endowment fund is created when an institution's governing board elects to invest currently available resources as if they were subject to endowment restrictions. Quasi-endowments also are referred to as funds functioning as endowments.

Source: THECB; NRUF report