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Texas Success Initiative

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) has been developed by the state legislature to ensure student success at institutions of higher learning. TSI requires that all incoming students enrolling at Texas public institutions of higher education be assessed to determine their level of college-readiness in Reading, Writing, and Math. There are four components of the program, which is designed to improve student-success:

  • A Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) completed before taking a test. Send your scores to UTSA.
  • A TSI assessment that must be taken prior to the registering for courses.
  • Developmental programs designed to prepare students for college courses
  • And academic advising
Unless exempt, all students entering a Texas institution of higher education for the first time are required to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment. The TSI assessment measures skills in mathematics, reading and writing. It is designed to determine whether students are ready to enroll in college level work.

Minimum passing score requirements are:

  • Mathematics: 350
  • Reading: 351
  • Writing: Essay Score of 5; Essay Score of 4 and Multiple Choice of 340

Different TSI Statuses:

  • TSI Exempt
  • TSI Complete
  • TSI Not Complete
TSI Not Complete - attempted an approved TSI test and not passed one or more portions of the test. State law requires these students to enroll in approved developmental education for this section.




o In 2017 the Texas Legislature passed HB 2223 requiring Co-requisite courses to become the primary mode of instruction for Developmental Education. The NCB Co-requisite Success Program provides these Co-requisite courses in Math and Writing, where students are able to take a college-level course along with a support course (NCB) in the same area during one semester. As part of the Support Course students have access to just-in-time class content specialized to the college-level course, as well as embedded support with in-class and supplemental tutoring. The smaller class sizes provide for more personalized attention from the instructors and tutors.

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