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Bio 6973

Neural Modeling

Fall 2008, Tu-Th 11-12:15, BSB 2.03.10

This is a hands-on introduction to neural modeling, run as a "workshop."  The main part of your grade will be based on defining a workable project, doing the background reading, implementing the model, and writing up your (preliminary) results.  Much of the course will be spent in group and individual trouble-shooting trying to get things to work and figuring out what it means for the biology. This class is open to students who have little programming/modeling experience as well as more advanced students.  Projects can range from the cellular to systems and cognitive levels.  E-mail Dr. Troyer if you want more information or want to discuss how to go about developing a project (the easiest way to get started is to implement and then modify an already existing model).

Professor: Dr. Todd Troyer   
BSB 1.03.34