Two Cents for Success

Welcome to the AIS FamilyThe Two Cents for Success tradition originated in the University College’s Academic Inquiry and Scholarship (AIS) course, and is centered around two pennies. The first penny symbolizes the wisdom that you have accumulated throughout your life, and the second represents the experiences, ideas, hopes and fears that encompass your “self.” Together, these pennies signify the “two cents” that you will always have to offer, and that you will carry with you as you continue through college and through life. 

On the final day of classes each semester, a small ceremony takes place where AIS faculty members give a speech to their students explaining the meaning behind Two Cents for Success. Professors then hand out cards that have an inscription of the tradition and two pennies attached.

“The Two Cents tradition follows you throughout your lifetime, providing you with opportunities to succeed by allowing you to receive and offer information you have learned as a student. Since my freshman year, I've been able to use the tips and methods that my professor provided me in my AIS class throughout my academic career and beyond.” — Mehak Marwaha '22, Medical Humanities

Two Cents for Success description

Two Cents for Success is meant to serve as a reminder of all you have accomplished during your first year at UTSA. It also builds a sense of community by allowing students across the years to have a shared experience. 

Rebecca Schroeder, associate professor of instruction in the University College, and John Kainer, a former faculty member in the college, created the tradition in 2019.

For more information about Two Cents for Success, contact Rebecca Schroeder.