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Equity Advocacy

Through the Equity Advocacy Initiative, UTSA will develop an overarching framework for implementing the recommendations put forth by the 21st Century Learning Environments Task Group to foster healthy and inclusive learning environments. The initiative will formally connect those efforts to the work of tactical teams on degree pathways and higher education access as a part of our fundamental commitment to diversity, inclusion and the success of UTSA students.

In support of the initiative, UTSA’s colleges and academic support divisions will develop new and enhance existing activities to advance diversity, inclusion and justice.

Initiatives in University College/Academic Success

The signature project will focus on creating an inclusive excellence program that will be conducted each year for all staff and faculty in Academic Success and University College with a theme this year on “Anti-racism.” The program will be developed by the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council for Academic Success (AS) and University College (UC), which is comprised of a representative from each unit in Academic Success and University College.  The program will focus around a shared book to read, monthly meeting with speakers and then breakout rooms for small group discussion.  An incentive other than doing what is right is to tie to annual reviews and ways incorporating diversity, inclusion and equity in to your job.

In addition, we are introducing “Question that Matter” for the First Year Experience which incorporates assignments in AIS and WRC; students may choose to focus on questions related to social justice, etc.