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Minor in Military Management and Leadership

This minor is designed to enhance the military science (Army Reserve Officer Training Corps) curriculum. A Minor in Military Management and Leadership (MSL) will develop a well-rounded perspective of a future Army officer’s role and decision-making ability in political, sociological, historical, and geographical arenas.

All students pursuing the minor must complete 21 semester credit hours.

  1. 12 semester credit hours of core military science and leadership coursework:

    MSC  3013  Leading Small Organizations I
    MSC  3023  Leading Small Organizations II
    MSC  4013  Adaptive Leadership
    MSC  4023  Leadership in a Complex World

  2. 9 semester credit hours of electives chosen from the following:

    GLA  3013  Introduction to Global Analysis
    GLA  4013  The Intelligence Community and World Affairs
    GRG  3643  Political Geography
    HIS  2543  Introduction to Islamic Civilization
    HIS  2553  Introduction to East Asian Civilization
    HIS  3543  History of Modern Warfare
    HIS  3823  History of American Foreign Relations
    MGT  3013  Introduction to Organization Theory, Behavior, and Management
    POL  3433  Governments and Politics of Southeast Asia
    POL  3463  Politics of the Third World
    POL  3493  Politics of the Middle East
    POL  3523  Force in International Politics
    POL  3563  Current Issues in World Politics

To declare a Minor in Military Management and Leadership, obtain advice, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult the professor of military science in Undergraduate Studies in conjunction with an advisor in the office of Undergraduate Studies Support and Technology Services