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General Information

Military Transcript Requests

Due to recent changes at the VA, it is now required that all military transcripts are in students academic files. Please have your military transcripts sent to the UTSA Admissions Office.

Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard Transcript Request:

Air Force Transcript Request:

eBenefits Information

Follow the steps in this eBenefits PDF to set up or access your eBenefits account.

Payment of Tuition, Fees, Books, and Other Related Supplies

The UTSA Veterans Certification Office DOES NOT participate in the advance payment program. Therefore, it is solely the responsibility of the student to pay for tuition, fees, books and other related supplies.

Post 9/11 GI Bill Recipients
VA is last payer of record according to Public Law 111-377. Meaning certain tuition specific funding (employer based aid, tuition scholarship, ROTC, TA {list not all inclusive}) must be subtracted from the tuition and fees total sent to VA to pay the University on your behalf. If full tuition has been paid by VA and you receive some kind of tuition specific funding, the necessary amendments will be made to your account and VA will be reimbursed the appropriate amount. If you receive any tuition specific funding before we report your tuition and fees to the VA, those funds will be deducted from the total sent to VA.

Books and T&F Payment Schedules (Post 9/11 Recipients)

The Books and Supplies payment and the Tuition and Fees payment for each term will not be released by VA until 14 days prior to the beginning of a term. Payments processed more than 14 days prior to the beginning of a term will be set up on a payment schedule to be released from VA no more than 14 days prior to the beginning of that term. This includes mini-terms that may have been certified with a standard term or multiple terms with varying begin dates.

Post 9/11 GI Bill Information

There is a question and answer section on the VA webpage under the New GI Bill Information section.

Monthly Housing Payments (for Post 9/11 Recipients)

On August 1, 2011 the BAH (monthly housing allowance) for Chapter 33 Post 9/11 recipients will change. It will be prorated based on your rate of pursuit/training time (rounded to the nearest tenth).

You must still be enrolled more than half-time, during any semester, to be eligible. If you only enroll in 7 hours for the Fall 2011 term, you would only receive 50% of the BAH stipend.

For example:
A student enrolled in training at a rate of pursuit of 75% (3/4 time) would receive 80% of the BAH rate.

Effective Aug. 1, 2012 the Monthly Housing Allowance will be based on the 2012 BAH rates.

Kickers Payments

Effective Aug. 1, 2012 Chapter 33 students will only be entitled to a kicker (commonly referred to as a college fund) for the benefit that they relinquished when they elected Chapter 33.

For example:
If a student was eligible for a MGIB Chapter 30 and a MGIB-SR Chapter 1606 kicker and they relinquished MGIB Chapter 30 when they elected Chapter 33, the student would no longer be eligible to receive the Chapter 1606 under Chapter 33 (prior to Aug. 1, 2012 they would have been paid both kickers under Chapter 33).

What do I do if my check doesn't arrive?

This is probably the question asked most frequently by UTSA's VA students.

Unfortunately, there isn't much that the Veterans Certification office can do if your check doesn't arrive. The first thing YOU can do is to call our office to ensure your certification has been sent. If it has been sent, you should next call the VA at 1-888-GIBILL1 (1-888-442-4551). The VA representatives at this number can look up your file when you provide them your VA claim number. They are able to verify or deny receipt of your certification.

Adds/Drops/Withdrawals/Changes of Major or Address

Many veterans assume that the Veterans Certification Office is automatically informed by the Admissions and Registrars offices when they change their address or major, or withdraw from UTSA.

THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Each veteran is PERSONALLY responsible for reporting ANY change in their file directly to the Veterans Certification Office, as well as to the Registrar's Office. There are VA forms which must be filled out whenever you move or change your program.

All adds, drops, and withdrawals MUST be reported to the Veterans Certification Office by the veteran in order to receive the applicable benefits correctly.

Post 9/11 GI Bill Recipients
Add/drop, dropping or withdrawing could result in a debt owed to the VA or the University.

Incomplete (IN) Grade(s) Assigned

VA requires incomplete (IN) grades be reported to them once the grades are assigned if they can potentially remain on a student’s record indefinitely.

Many institutions have a grading policy that permits an "I" grade to be replaced with a NP (non-punitive) grade, or which allows a NP "I" grade to remain in a student's record indefinitely. In such cases the school must report the incomplete grade as non-punitive at the time the grades are assigned.

When a report is received that an “I” grade has been assigned (which is subject to replacement within a prescribed time period), VA will adjust the student's payment and set up a control to track the grade. If it is resolved into a punitive grade (passing or failing) within one year of the date it was originally assigned, the school should report the change to VA. Such reports should clearly indicate that the change in enrollment status being reported is the replacement of an "I" grade previously reported. If at the end of the 1-year control period no report has been received from the institution to indicate that the "I" grade has been replaced, the VA will assume that the "I" grade has not been changed.

  • Chapter 33: All incomplete grades must be reported for Chapter 33 per the rules above.
  • Overpayments to Tuition and fees as well as monthly stipends may be created

Duplicate & Repeating Courses

Repeating Courses:

Courses that are failed or for which the grade does not meet minimum requirements for graduation may be certified for VA purposes if they are repeated.

For example:

  1. A "C-" or better is required for coursework in a major as stated in the catalog or

  2. A course is failed
    NOTE: if second or subsequent grade does not "replace" the prior grade, the course will be decertified after academic statuses are updated at the end of each term. This may cause an overpayment with the VA.

Duplicate course(s):

Only courses stating "may be repeated for credit" in the catalog may be certified to the VA more than once. The course(s) must apply to your degree in order to be certified.

UTSA Veterans Attending Another School

If you are attending UTSA and/or another school, UTSA will normally be considered the parent institution.

Courses taken at a second school may be certified. A student must bring proof of registration from the other school to the UTSA Veterans Certification office. A Parent Institution letter will be generated for the student to return to the other school for certification purposes. Courses taken at the other school must equate to courses on your degree plan in order to be certified.

A transcript must be forwarded to UTSA's Registrar showing course completion in order for it to be counted toward your graduation. Chapter 31 students must see VA case manager for this situation.

Break Pay

EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2011 BREAK PAY WILL NO LONGER BE PAID BY VA TO ANY STUDENTS USING ANY VA EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM. Please note that this takes effect during summer terms. August stipends will therefore be much lower than in years past.

VARO Audits and the TWC

One or two times a year, the Veteran Affairs Regional Office (VARO) or the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) sends an adjudicator to our school to audit our files. They are checking to ensure students have only taken those courses that are required for their degree. Unapproved repetition of courses found may be subject to financial repayment by the student for the repeated course.

The UTSA Veterans Certification Office staff does not conduct individual degree checks, and we are not responsible for courses taken that do not apply to a student's degree plan.

Unsatisfactory Progress

Students who remain on academic probation for two consecutive terms are considered by the VARO to be making unsatisfactory progress. One semester of academic probation is followed by academic dismissal if improvement isn't shown.

Students on academic probation or dismissal are not eligible for reinstatement of their VA benefits until they complete the required paperwork at the UTSA Veterans Certification office.

Tutorial Assistance

If a student is enrolled 1/2 time or more and has a verifiable deficiency in a course, they may be eligible to receive tutorial assistance. Applications and more information can be found here.

For free tutorial assistance, contact the Learning Assistance Center in the Tomás Rivera Center, MS 1.02.02. Chapter 31 vets must see their VA case manager.

The VA work study Program

Students using a VA educational assistance program to attend school 3/4 time or more, may be eligible for the VA work study program. There are locations throughout San Antonio with positions available for work study. Applications are available in the Veterans Certification Office, and at the Veterans Services Office in the Frank Tejeda Outpatient Clinic at 5788 Eckhert Road.

Hours & Rate of Pursuit for Undergraduates

For the Fall and Spring Semesters:

  • Full Time = 12 or more hours
  • 3/4 Time = 9 to 11 hours
  • 1/2 Time = 6 to 8 hours

For the Summer Semester:

  • Full Time = 3 or more hours in each 5 week session plus 3 or more hours in the 10 week session; or 4 or more hours in each 5 week session; or 8 or more hours in the 10 week session.
  • 3/4 Time = 3 hours in each 5 week session; or 6 to 7 hours in the 10 week session
  • 1/2 Time = 2 hours in each 5 week session; or 4 to 5 hours in the ten week session

Graduate Students Taking Undergraduate Courses

All graduate students must provide a degree plan when submitting an application for benefits. This degree plan must identify all of the courses required for the degree, including any undergraduate leveling courses, and be signed by an academic advisor.

Hours & Rate of Pursuit for Graduates

For the Fall and Spring Semesters:

  • Full Time = Nine or more hours
  • 3/4 Time = Six to Eight hours
  • 1/2 Time = Four to Five hours

For the Summer Semester:

  • Full Time = 3 or more hours in each five week term or 5 or more hours in the ten week term
  • 3/4 time = 2 hours in a 5 week term or 4 hours in the ten week term

WAVE/VA Attendance Verification

Students using Chapters 30 (MGIB-AD), 1606 (Selected Reserve) & 1607 (REAP) must verify attendance to the VA every month, either on or after the last day of each month. Enrollment may be verified by calling or thru WAVE (Web Automated Verification of Enrollment)

Phone: 1-877-823-2378
WAVE website

Independent Study/Distance Learning/Hybrid courses

Any course that is Independent study, distance learning (online) or a hybrid course will be considered distance learning according to VA regulations. You will only be eligible for 50% of the national average of all BAH rates if you take only distance learning courses. This may impact your monthly stipend. You must take at least one on campus course to be eligible for the regular monthly housing allowance (based on your percentage of eligibility and rate of pursuit). Your enrollment must be certified at more than half-time to be eligible for any monthly stipend.