RecycleMania 2019

RecycleMania 2019

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Health For the Holidays

Health for the Holidays

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What Can I Recycle?

What Can I Recycle?

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Rowdy New U

Rowdy New U

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Gold Star Labs

Gold Star Labs

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Our Mission

Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management

Our Mission is to promote a safe and healthy work environment for faculty, staff, and students, to advocate work practices that achieve excellence in environmental stewardship, comply with any and all rules and regulations pertaining to occupational health and safety and the environment, and to protect resources through sound administration of the University's insurance coverage.

Our mission is achieved through the development and implementation of Environmental Health and Safety policies and programs throughout the University community, through a customer service approach. Our goal is to work with you to make the University of Texas at San Antonio a safer and healthier place to work and study.

Our Motto: Successful Solutions Start with Safety

The safety office staff cannot be everywhere at one time. Consequently the the success of our program is dependent on the successful integration of our programs into all of the academic and health care departments and programs, as well as on the active participation of the entire campus community. It's important that all of the campus community be aware of environmental health and safety rules and regulations as it applies to their workplace, and notify the safety office in the event that a recognizable hazard exists.

Our Goal

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(210) 458-5250

Our goal is to ensure that you are as healthy and safe when you leave at the end of the work day as when you arrived at the beginning of your shift.