Celebrate Earth Day at UTSA

UTSA Shred Day!

April 18, 8am - 3pm
Main Campus: Between HUC and Ximenez Garage
Downtown Campus: Drop-off at Mail Room
Questions? Call 210.458.5250

What Can I Recycle?

What Can I Recycle?

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Recycling News


Shred (Then Recycle) Sensitive Documents — April 18

EHSRM will provide sensitive document shredding services for the UTSA community on Wednesday, April 18 between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Bring your documents to the parking lot between the Student Union (HUC) and Ximenes Avenue Garage and slide your documents into the giant dumpster from Republic Services. Shredding will take place at their secured site. You can bring work-related or personal documents from home to shred.

At Downtown Campus and ITC, please box your documents and seal them. EHSRM will make one trip between noon and 1 p.m. to each location to pick them up. You can also take your boxed and sealed documents to the Downtown Mail Room earlier in the day, and they will store them inside their secured fence.

*Employees need to comply with UTSA’s Record Retention schedule, so please only bring documents not covered by this policy.

For any questions, please contact Anastacio Alvarez at (210) 452-7252. Please pass this information to all and hope to see you there.

Recyclemania Update — March 30

This is the last week for Recyclemania! As of today, we are 49th out of 206 participating colleges and universities nationwide. We anticipate one more trip to the recycling plant next week with about 9–10,000 pounds of baled cardboard that is currently stored on-site. Including compacted paper, single-stream recycling, and baled cardboard, we will submit additional material totaling 70,000 pounds. Our final tally will be provided to us by RecycleMania by April 14. Go 'runners!

RecycleMania 2018

UTSA is competing in Recyclemania 2018, the nationwide inter-collegiate contest. This friendly annual competition, which runs this year from January 21 to March 31, is a way to help our university and our community become better stewards of our environment. Students, faculty and staff learn about recycling and begin to recycle more. Schools that recycle the most per capita win the competition. In the end, we all win because we achieve a greener environment.

UTSA’s recycling program consists of education, promotion, teamwork, and recognition of all participants. The success of this program at UTSA requires your cooperation.

It is also a good time to plan for shredding sensitive documents. EHSRM will place a shred pod on Main Campus for several days during this competition. Downtown Campus will also have an opportunity to shred sensitive documents. Dates will be announced soon.

The UTSA community’s involvement is critical to getting a cleaner and greener environment. So please, before you toss out any items, think of those recyclable products that can be disposed of in the recycling blue containers. Recyclables include paper, cardboard, plastics, and aluminum cans. Items that go into trash bins include items such as food, liquids, used napkins and facial tissues, coffee grounds, and Styrofoam.

Visit our recycling home page for an overview of recycling do’s and don’ts.

To volunteer to help with Recyclemania, contact the UTSA Recycling Team at 210.458.6662.

Students may want to assist with the Green Society at UTSA’s Recyclemania promotional efforts.

Go Green! Go Roadrunners! Go UTSA!