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Procedures for Mechanical Keys and Rekey Requests

Requesting Mechanical Keys

Keys to be assigned to employees may be requested only by the authorized requestor of an academic or administrative department by logging into https://cardaccessrequest.utsa.edu/

Requesting lost key replacements – Lost keys should be reported immediately to the UTSA PD, Security Services, and to the department responsible for requesting the keys. Lost key request replacement must have the PD report number; its issuance will be determined by Security Services.

Key Requests must list all specific doors the recipient’s key needs to access. Security Services will send an automated confirmation of receipt to the department’s Requestors; they will also be notified via automated email once the keys are ready for pick up. Keys will be held in UTSA – PD Security Services office and/or UTSA PD DTC for up to four weeks. If keys are not picked up, the keys will be destroyed by the end of the ongoing semester.


Key Pick up Location

  • Keys requested for UTSA 1604 Campus - UTSA PD Security Services, Bosque Building 1.200; Banner Identification Card is required. Persons other than the employee to whom the keys are issued to, are not permitted to pick up keys. If recipient is physically unable to pick up his/her key, arrangements may be made by UTSA PD Security Services personnel to deliver the key and obtain his/her signature.
  • Keys requested for UTSA DT Campus - UTSA Downtown University Police Administration Office, BV 1.303.
  • Keys requested for ITC personnel, may pick up the key from the ITC Police Department.

Rekeying of Space

Rekeying of offices may also be requested by logging into https://cardaccessrequest.utsa.edu/ selecting the Mechanical Key Request Tab.

The term “rekey” refers to the re-combination or changing out of cores and issuance of new keys. This is primarily done for physical security control. Ex: New space allocation or department move, lost key that affects security of an area and remodeling and/or construction.

Doors with electronic access control

Security Services will not issue keys for these types of doors. Please do not include doors with card readers or other electronic access on your mechanical key request.

Separation of Personnel or Keys No Longer Needed

All keys no longer in use, or keys returned to department’s administrative personnel by employees who are separating/transferring, must be returned to Security Services.

Department Authorized/Designated Requestor

Each department head is responsible for reporting any changes of their authorized requestors to Security Services.

Reference Hop 8.04 for policy updates