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At UTSA, we are committed to the success of our students. To recognize student’s academic achievements, UTSA offers scholarships to help students pay for a quality education. One of the many scholarships offered is the Distinguished Presidential Scholarship. The Distinguished Presidential Scholarship is new to UTSA and is open to qualified incoming freshman that meet certain criteria. There are several other scholarships offered at UTSA. A list of those can be found on the Scholarship website.

By simply completing one application, you can apply for all general UTSA scholarships awarded through Financial Aid for which you may qualify and it is recommended you complete the FAFSA.

Merit Scholarships

The Distinguished Presidential Scholarships, which hold a value up to $24,000, are awarded to recognize incoming freshman’s academic achievements. The Distinguished Transfer Scholarships, which hold a value up to $6,000, are awarded to recognize incoming transfer student's academic achievement.

» Freshman: see how to qualify for the Distinguished Presidential Scholarship
» Transfer: See how to qualify for the Distinguished Transfer Scholarship

UTSA Top Scholar Program

The UTSA Top Scholar program combines a merit based scholarship with personalized signature experiences in academics, leadership and community service.

» See more information about the UTSA Top Scholar program.

Scholarships offered by UTSA's Admission Office

The undergraduate admission's office offers three scholarships to freshmen and transfer students.

» See all Admission offered Scholarships

Scholarships for International Students

The Office of International Programs has information on scholarships to international students. More general UTSA scholarships are available through the UTSA's Scholarships Office.

» See scholarships for International Students

UTSA's General Scholarships

First-time freshmen and transfer students can apply for UTSA general scholarships awarded through Financial Aid and Enrollment Services when you apply via

Please note that colleges or departments administer their own scholarship programs and therefore have separate applications. Check with your respective college/department to determine which scholarships you may be eligible for and obtain an application

» See all General Scholarships    » Go to UTSA's Scholarship Website