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ARAMARK provides catering services for the UTSA community. Please visit ARAMARK's web site at CampusDish for details on their services. View catering menus, pricing, and order online on the ARAMARK UTSA CaterTrax site.

Additional Approved Caterers

Listed below are additional caterers approved by UTSA to provide catering services on campus.

NOTE: A 10% catering service fee will be assessed if you use one of the following approved caterers. See FAQ's below.

Selecting an Approved Caterer

Best Value

When selecting a caterer, departments must strive to ensure UTSA receives best value for the catered services.

Review of Multiple Proposers & HUB Efforts

Departments should utilize reasonable efforts to review proposals from at least three of the approved caterers prior to selection of a caterer. When possible, departments should include in their review at least two catering proposals from Historically Underutilized Businesses (“HUB(s)”). Questions about the UTSA HUB Program can be directed to the HUB Program Manager at 458-4068. (ref.

Prior Proposal

Departments must secure a pricing proposal from the selected caterer prior to completion of the services. Unit prices for the actual services must not deviate from the pricing proposal. (Department-approved quantity changes are acceptable)

Specific HUB Requirements for Purchases over $100,000

Prior to proceeding with any catered service that could reasonably be expected to meet or exceed $100,000, the Department must contact UTSA's Historically Underutilized Business Manager to ensure compliance with all HUB requirements.

Approved Caterers

Offers UTSA an 8% Discount

Does Not Offer UTSA an 8% Discount

Approved Caterer Process

Beginning September 1, 2011, a new process for outside caterer selection and approval was implemented. A Caterer may apply for permission to service UTSA at any time. Caterers must submit an Application, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and submit all requested information to Business Auxiliary Services. Business Auxiliary Services will verify the information and provide the caterer with a letter authorizing them to perform Catering Services on UTSA campuses. Caterer's must reapply annually. There is no cost to apply or reapply.

Forms and Documents for Caterers to become an Approved Caterer

Approved Caterer Application

Terms and Conditions

Institute of Texas Cultures (ITC) Guidelines

Catering Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I plan an event and I choose not to use ARAMARK or one of the approved caterers, can I use another caterer and if so, will there be a penalty?

A: Per the policy, all departments must use ARAMARK or select from the list of the approved caterers. A 10% service fee applies to use of one of the approved caterers. If you use any other caterer, you will be assessed a penalty.

Q: What payment method is acceptable when using a caterer from the approved list?

A: A purchase order should be approved and issued to the vendor prior to the event. If it is anticipated the cost will exceed $5,000, a purchase request (PB4) must be routed to the Purchasing & Distribution Services Department for order completion. For purchases of less than $5,000, Special Events ProCard may also be used to secure the caterer.

Q: What is this 10% service fee being used for?

A: The service fee is used to make needed facility renovations to freshen the appearance of our various food venues and directly support the needed infrastructure for possible future venues.

Q: If I am on 100% grant monies or federal funds, how do I incorporate the 10% service fee?

A: The service fee can't be collected on accounts funded by grants. An alternate account must be supplied to Business Auxiliary Services at the time of billing. If you have questions, please contact Business Auxiliary Services at 210.458.6651.

Q: Who is the gatekeeper of the policy compliance and the service fee assessment, and do I include the 10% in my P.O.?

A: Service fee assessments will be made by BAS on a monthly basis and the 10% should not be included in the P.O. All billings will detail the date of the event, the caterer, and the amount. When you are requesting bids, take into consideration the additional service fee associated with using the approved vendors as opposed to ARAMARK. If you have questions regarding the service fee assessments, please contact the Business Auxiliary Services Office at 210.458.4639.

Q: How do I get a caterer approved and added to the listing?

A: Caterers use the application process to become an approved caterer.

Q: If I plan an event offsite, does the policy apply?

A: No. The policy applies only to events on the UTSA Main, Downtown or Hemisfair Park (ITC) Campuses.

Q: Can I order food and have it delivered without utilizing an approved caterer?

A: If the food is being delivered, but not served by an catering employee, then the catering policy does not apply and no service fee or penalty will be assessed.

Q: What if ARAMARK is unable to do the event, will I be charged a 10% service fee if I use one of the other approved caterers?

A: Yes. No exceptions.

Q: Can I use a Caterer other than ARAMARK or one of the approved caterers?

A: Unauthorized caterers should not be used. Departments that use an unauthorized caterer will be assessed a penalty and the appropriate Vice President may be notified.

Q: What if we want to serve alcohol at our event?

A: Information is available on this process at Finanical Affairs website.





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