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Business Auxiliary Services

Special Event Information

Everything that happens on campus begins and ends with one thing — parking! If there is a problem with parking, it reflects poorly on the event sponsor, the University, and Business Auxiliary Services (BAS). Anyone sponsoring an event on campus is therefore requested to coordinate their events with BAS so that parking becomes a non-event. We will work closely with each department to meet their parking needs with the available parking resources. The Main UTSA campus has over 11,000 spaces to meet the needs of the over 30,000 faculty, staff, students, visitors and vendors. BAS will strive to meet the challenges and will utilize all available resources for multiple purposes. Call our Special Events office today at 210.458.7275 or email us at

Special Event Request Form

UTSA Department Parking Options

This weeks Special Event listing

  • Department Guests
  • University departments may make advance parking arrangements for their guests by contacting Business Auxiliary Services Parking Division via completion of the Special Event Request Form.

  • Conferences
  • Departments - Departments should complete the Event Parking Request Form. Conference parking is limited and therefore, departments should make their requests as soon as possible.

    Conference Guests - Conference Guests should contact their host for parking information.

  • Sporting Events
  • Go RoadRunners! UTSA is proud of our athletic teams and support them in all their endeavors.

    BAS is not always apprised of all Athletic events that are held on campus and we ask that departments coordinate their events with us by using the Event Parking Request form . Athletic Event parking is limited and therefore, departments should make their requests as soon as possible.





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