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Rowdy Dollars

All current Students, Faculty, and Staff may take advantage of the benefits of the UTSACard Rowdy Dollars program. UTSACard Rowdy Dollars operates like a prepaid debit card account with each transaction made, the balance declines. Sufficient funds must be added to the account before transactions can be made against that balance. There are a variety of methods to add funds to your account.

Rowdy Dollars FAQs

Q: What if my UTSACard is lost or stolen?

A: You can report it lost immediately using the UTSACard portion of ASAP or notify the UTSACard office at (210) 458-4639 during business hours, or in person to have your account frozen. There is a $10 fee for replacement cards.

Q: Does the UTSACard have a fee for usage?

A: There are no hidden fees or finance charges for using the UTSACard.

Q: How do I add funds to my UTSACard?

  • Cash
  • Fiscal Services - Funds are immediately available

    Value Stations - Funds are immediately available

    • John Peace Library
    • McKinney Humanities (formerly HSS)
    • Main Building
    • Business Building Computer Lab
    • Frio Street Computer Lab
    • Buena Vista Library
    • University Center
    • Science Building
    • Durango Building
  • Check
  • Fiscal Services - Funds are immediately available

  • Credit Card
  • ASAP - MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Choose the UTSACard section under Student or Employee Services. Follow the prompts and your funds are available in about an hour.

  • E-Check
  • ASAP - Choose the UTSACard section under Student or Employee Services. Follow the prompts and your funds are available in about an hour.

  • Financial Aid?
  • ASAP - Choose the UTSACard section under Student or Employee Services. Follow the prompts and your funds are available in about an hour.

Q: How can I check my balance or look at transaction history?

A: Log into ASAP, go the UTSACard section under Student or Employee Services, and click on the link to look at balances and transactions. You can even download them into Excel!

Q: Where can I use Rowdy Dollars?

A: Dining Services, Campus Bookstores, Fiscal Services, University Center Information Desk, Vending Machines, Recreation Center, Computer Labs, Library Printing, Library Circulation, Student Health Services, and coming soon: Campus Technology Store, Rios Golden Cuts, and UPS Store!

Q: How do I open an account?

A: Every member of the faculty, staff and student body has an account by default and can begin using it at anytime, providing they have deposited funds.

Q: What about valid refunds or carry-overs?

A: Any balance left over at the end of a semester, will be forwarded over to the next semester. Refunds are issued upon request. Refunds are requested in person at the UTSACard office or via mail. Funds are placed back on students Fiscal Services account. If no outstanding balance is due with the University, Fiscal Services will issue a check.

Q: How long is my card valid?

A: Your card remains active as long as you are a currently registered student or active faculty or staff member.

Q: Are Rowdy Dollars and Dining Dollars the same thing?

A: No, Rowdy Dollars act as a prepaid debit plan at all locations on campus where Rowdy Dollars are accepted.

Q: Can I transfer financial aid and loans to my card?

A: Yes. Financial Aid and Loan transfers to the UTSACard, which students previously had to come in to do, will be handled through ASAP. This provides students the ability to purchase their books for classes prior to funds dispersal by Fiscal Services. It works like this:

  • Student is awarded Financial Aid and/or Loan funds from Financial Aid
  • When funds are available from Financial Aid, but not more than 30 days prior to classes beginning, the student may use ASAP to transfer in increments of $100 up to a maximum total of $600 per semester to their UTSACard Rowdy Dollars account.
  • Funds are available for use (usually within 60-90 minutes) at the On Campus Bookstores only.
  • Leftover funds can be used at any location the UTSACard Rowdy Dollars are accepted.
  • Please refer to the UTSACard Statement of Policy for refund information.

First date to transfer for each semester:

  • August 1 - Fall Semester
  • December 20 - Spring Semester
  • May 1 - Summer Semester

General instructions on transferring funds on ASAP:

  • Log into ASAP
  • Click on the "Student Services" tab
  • Scroll down and click on the "UTSACard" link
  • Choose the link that pertains to the source you want to use whether it be "Financial Aid", "E-Check", or "Credit Card"

Credit Card, E-Check, or Financial Aid (Funds are available in approx. 90 minutes), follow the instructions below:





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