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Brian E. Derrick, Ph.D.


Phone: (210) 458-5661

Areas of Specialization

» Cognitive neuroscience
» Molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity
» Neuropsychopharmacology

UTSA Neurosciences Institute


Ph.D. in Psychobiology; University of California, Berkeley
B.S. in Psychobiology; University of California, Los Angeles


Research Interests

Dr. Derrickā€™s lab studies information processing in the hippocampal formation, a limbic structure crucial for encoding and the retrieval of episodic and semantic memory. They are interested in hippocampal function from a dynamical and cognitive/systems approach and are exploring the predictions of current computational theories of brain function using molecular, neurophysiological, neuropharmacological, and behavioral techniques. The lab is interested in the interactions among cortical inputs to the CA3 and CA1 hippocampal regions arising directly from the perforant pathway and indirectly from the CA3 and dentate gyrus regions, and their dynamics during encoding and retrieval in behaving animals. Related to these phenomena, they are also investigating the dual roles of the dentate and CA3 region in novelty detection, encoding, and pattern completion (retrieval).



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