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David M. Senseman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Phone: (210) 458-5485

Areas of Specialization

» Visualization and modeling of cortical network activity

UTSA Neurosciences Institute


Ph.D.; Princeton University
M.S.; Princeton University
B.S.; Kent State University


Research Interests

Dr. Senseman’s lab is interested in the basic rules that govern the parallel processing of visual, auditory and olfactory information within the vertebrate central nervous system. In order to examine this problem, the lab is using voltage-sensitive dyes to provide a non-invasive means of recording changes in neuronal activity following the presentation of sensory stimuli. A specialized computer-based data acquisition system allows simultaneous monitoring of electrical activity in 464 contiguous anatomical brain regions with millisecond temporal resolution. Through a combination of video imaging and computer animation techniques, the lab is able to directly visualize the spatio-temporal spread of electrical information within the brain. They are currently using this apparatus to investigate 1) the initial processing of odor information with the glomerular region of the olfactory bulb, and 2) the processing of retino-hypothalamic tract input with the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN).



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