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Information for Students Accepted into the Lab

Once an applicant progresses at a high level with their UTSA safety training, annotated bibliograpy, paper presentation, and lab skills "boot camp," they are accepted into the lab.

Congratulations, but now that you have secured a position in the lab, there is more training that you must complete in order to actually conduct experiments and contribute to the research activities.

Completion of this new round of training ensures that the applicant is in compliance with UTSA safety procedures and processes specific to the research we conduct. This new training is summarized in the link below, and includes:

  • AALAS certification: The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science training modules must be completed in order demonstrate understanding of the ethical treatment of animals. Dr. Gdovin will request a login for each new trainee and provide further instructions at that time.
  • LARC Facility Orientation
  • LARC Hands on Animal Training
  • LARC Access Training
  • Occupational Health Hepatitis B Vaccination Disclosure
  • UTSA Employee Training – Sexual Assault
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC): Autoclave Training
  • UTSA Conflict of Interest Form
  • Gdovin Lab specific Training
    • Chemical Carcinogen Safety Training
    • General Lab Orientation
    • Compressed Gas Cylinder & Regulator Training