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Neurobiology Ph.D. Program



Program faculty employ a wide range of research approaches and techniques that span the spectrum of the field, from molecular to cognitive neuroscience. Our highly interactive and diverse faculty maintain research programs with strengths in the following:

Electrical and Chemical Signaling
  • Alfonso Apicella     • David Jaffe     • Lindsey Macpherson     • Carlos Paladini
  • Fidel Santamaria     • Kelly Suter     • Charles Wilson

Neural Stem Cells, Cell Patterning and Cell Fate
  • Gary Gaufo     • Annie Lin    • Asif Maroof     • Lindsey Macpherson

Motivation, Reward, and Addiction
  • Isabel Muzzio     • Carlos Paladini     • Matthew Wanat

  • Hyoung-gon Lee     • Asif Maroof     • George Perry

Computational Neurobiology
  • Fidel Santamaria     • Todd Troyer     • Charles Wilson

Learning, Memory and Navigation
  • Brian Derrick     • Isabel Muzzio     • Matthew Wanat

Language and Auditory Processing
  • Alfonso Apicella     • Todd Troyer     • Nicole Wicha