About the Campus Climate Team (CCT)

This website is the initial step toward a suite of reporting and monitoring tools UTSA is developing to support our community from being targeted for their beliefs or backgrounds while supporting the freedoms of speech, expression and assembly. The University of Texas at San Antonio joined this growing national action in November 2017, with the creation of the CCT. To date, more than 230 such teams exist at universities around the country.

The CCT actively addresses bias incidents and their impact on the university community by monitoring, reporting and assessing response to incidents that occur on campus in violation of the university's freedom of expression policies. While registered student organizations are permitted to distribute literature expressing various opinions, non-affiliated individuals or organizations are not allowed to place materials on campus.

Bias Incidents and Free Speech

Bias incidents are events that involve or may involve the targeting of an individual or group based on their protected characteristic(s) such as race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age or religion, or their political views and affiliations.

Although UTSA condemns hate speech, it recognizes that most forms of offensive speech are protected by the First Amendment. Despite these protections, UTSA has zero tolerance for harassment. An individual may not be coerced, intimidated or badgered into viewing, listening to or accepting any communication.

Postings Reported to Campus Climate Team

We add new reports to the table after they have been reviewed by the Campus Climate Team. Existing reports are updated weekly with any new information.

Report Location Posting Type Organization Referenced on Posting Actions
20180004 April 5, 2018 Multiple Locations, Main Campus Posters and Stickers TBD Removed,
Under Investigation by UTSA PD.
20180003 April 3, 2018 Multiple Locations, Main Campus Several Posters TBD Removed,
Under Investigation by UTSA PD.
20180002 April 3, 2018 MH Building Poster Patriot Front Removed,
Under Investigation by UTSA PD.
20180001 March 21, 2018 Sombrilla Poster David Horowitz Freedom Center Removed,
Contacting Concerned Parties,
UTSA PD issued Criminal Trespass Warning.

How to Report a Bias Incident

We encourage all UTSA community members to act as active bystanders and report bias incidents so that we may effectively foster a safe campus climate.

Interpersonal Bias Incidents

If you believe you have experienced or witnessed a person-to-person bias incident, please access the following UTSA resources:

On-Campus or Online Bias Postings

Members of the UTSA Community who want to report bias postings involving on-campus or online postings that reference UTSA or its students (including posters, event flyers, websites, social media, email, videos, etc.) should use this Poster/Event Flyer Reporting Form.



Anyone encountering a situation that requires immediate police, medical or other emergency services should call 911 or The UTSA Police Department at 210-458-4911.

If you have concerns regarding someone's behavior, you may also contact the UTSA Behavioral Concerns Assistance Team (BIT).