Get Started Using the Resume Wizard

Log into your RowdyJobs account. The Resume Wizard is only available through your RowdyJobs account.

On the menu bar at the top of RowdyJobs, Select My Account and choose My Documents/Resume Wizard.

The Resume Wizard is integrated with the My Documents section of your RowdyJobs account.  When you save a resume in the Resume Wizard it will automatically be available to send to employers through your RowdyJobs account.

In the 'Resumes' section of your Documents, Select Use Resume Wizard.

This will launch a new browser window and loads the Resume Wizard application.

Choose whether to start a New resume or Import one that you have already worked on.

The import feature supports a variety of file types, but there are a number of factors that can make this import less than successful.  If you are having trouble with the import, it might actually save time to copy and paste information over into a New Resume using the Wizard.

The remainder of this how-to guide is for New Resumes only.  Enter your Name and Address information.

For some great tips, read the "Examples & Advice" button at the top of the page.

Choose the type of resume you will be creating.

As you select each type, a small preview of the common headings/sections appears on the right as well as a information about that type of resume. For more help, the "?" button at the top provides a more detailed description of the common types of resumes.

The wizard then steps you through each section, one at a time.

This is an example of the Job Objective section. The text in the box is also the instructions about what should be said in the section.  Replace it with the appropriate information and continue until you have completed all the sections.

In the each section of the resume, be sure to utilize the helpful Words and Phrases buttons

And don't forget Spell Check!

After entering all your information, now you can decide how it should look.

A small preview will appear on the right.  You can always go back and change this later, so don't dwell too much on this decision.

Phew! You've finished! Congratulations on you're professional-looking resume! Was that so hard?

Choose whether you'd like it to be available publicly to anyone at the given web address, or mark it private if you're not ready to show this one off yet.

To change anything about the Resume later, click on the Resume Center.

From here, if you have more than one resume saved, you can choose which one to edit. You can rename this resume by clicking the pencil icon on the dark grey bar. You can add, remove, and reorder the sections of the resume. You can also change the style of the resume in one easy step.