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Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Outside Activities

The Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Outside Activities policy (HOP 1.33) is intended to protect the credibility and reputation of UTSA, and its faculty and staff by providing a transparent system of disclosure, approval and documentation of employee activities outside UTSA (including but not limited to: engaging in outside employment or outside board service and owning certain interests in business entities) that might otherwise raise concerns about Conflicts of Interest or Conflicts of Commitment. HOP 1.33 also serves the purpose of ensuring compliance with state ethics laws and Regents’ Rules. Finally, it is intended to provide the framework for rules and procedures that will clearly delineate allowable outside activity.

Making a Disclosure/Requesting Approval

Non-Tenure Track Faculty and covered UTSA staff
are required to disclose and/or request approval for outside activities in accordance with HOP 1.33 utilizing an online portal hosted by UT System:

If you do not have any activities that require disclosure and/or
approval, you do not have to access the online portal.

Tenured and tenure-track faculty and all staff engaged in research who are required to disclose and report under HOP 10.04 should continue using UTSA’s existing disclosure form via the UTSA Research Portal Home and should not re-disclose using the UT System online portal. If you have already submitted a disclosure in 2019, no further action is needed. To request prior approval of outside employment/consultation/appointment/positions including self employment, please fill out the following form: Request for Prior Approval.

For Calendar Year 2018: Outside activities requiring approval/disclosure for calendar year 2018 should be finalized and certified in the online portal (via the Employee Portal). Certification for calendar year 2018 activities must be completed by Friday, March 29, 2019

For Calendar Year 2019: Outside activities requiring approval/disclosure for calendar year 2019 should be completed entirely within the online portal, utilizing the Request Approval process in the online portal for those activities requiring approval (i.e., outside employment) and the Make A Disclosure process for those activities that require only disclosure (e.g., gifts). Deadline: Friday, March 29, 2019

For a basic overview of the policy and disclosure/approval requirements, please see the: Policy Q&A and Quick Reference Table. For specific information regarding the disclosure requirements, please reference the training presentations at the links below:

Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty and Full-Time Covered UTSA Staff
Part-Time Non-Tenure Tack Faculty and Part-Time Covered UTSA Staff
Non-Covered UTSA Staff
• Training for Research Faculty and Staff can be found on the ORI website:

Contact Information

For questions regarding the Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities disclosure/approval process, please e-mail the Office of Institutional Compliance & Risk Services at: or call 210-458-4992.

Relevant Policies


Conflict of Interest (COI) - A significant outside interest or activity of an employee or immediate family member can be considered a conflict of interest if it directly or significantly affects the employee’s performance of his/her institutional responsibilities (Conflict of interest is generally an issue of financial or personal gain).

Conflicts of Commitment (COC) - A state in which the time or effort that a UT employee devotes to an outside activity directly or significantly interferes with the employee’s fulfillment of his/her institutional responsibilities or when the employee uses State property without authority in connection with the employee’s outside employment, board service, or other activity (See Sec. 8, RR 30104). Exceeding the amount of total time permitted by UT System or institution policy for outside activities creates the appearance of a conflict of commitment.

Outside Activities - An outside activity is any activity – compensated or uncompensated – that occurs outside the duties and responsibilities of your UT appointment.

Covered Employees - Those UTSA employees who have been determined to be exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act and are, therefore, not entitled to overtime pay. It also includes employees designated by their vice president as having authority to exercise discretion with regard to the award of contracts or other financial transactions.