A Guide to Butterfly Gardens
designing, planting, and growing a successful butterfly garden

How to Build a Butterfly Garden in Your Backyard
designing, planting, and growing a backyard butterfly garden

Journey North
migration tracking

information about the Ophryocystis elektroskirrha (Oe) parasite

Monarch Joint Venture (MJV)
monarch butterfly conservation partnership

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project (MLMP)
citizen science project collecting larval and milkweed habitat data

Monarch Net
North American network of monarch butterfly monitoring programs

Monarch Watch
education, conservation, and research on monarchs

Texas Butterfly Ranch
butterfly and native plant news

Texas Monarch Watch
Texas Parks and Wildlife sponsored program monitoring monarch stages in Texas

Texas Plant List for Monarch Butterflies
native and non-native plants suitable for gardens in Texas

monarch caterpillar


monarch butterfly


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