REACT-STEM Activities


Pre-Semester Boot Camp

This one-week "Research Boot Camp" prior to the start of Fall classes allows REACT Scholars to gain experience at reading scientific papers, receive an introduction to laboratory culture, and learn about scientific skepticism, experimental design, and career paths in science.

Faculty Mentoring

REACT Scholars are assigned to a departmental faculty mentor and meet with them three times during the first semester and twice thereafter. If the Scholar enters a research laboratory and desires it, this mentoring can be taken over by their PI.

Peer Mentoring

Incoming REACT Scholars are paired with a more advanced Scholar or well-established student researcher to assist with the transition to UTSA. They meet at least twice per semester for the first semester and thereafter as desired.

Individual Development Plan

At program entry, REACT Scholars work with the PIs to create an Individual Development Plan to guide them towards the desired career path and detail associated activities that they should pursue.

First Semester Strong Transitions Meetings

Weekly meetings designed to develop cohort identity and introduce REACT Scholars to UTSA services, research activities at UTSA, and research training programs.

REACT Meetings

These meetings include seminars, workshops, and field trips that promote STEM Career Development. Seminars and workshops are instructed by visiting lecturers or scientists and a field trip is conducted each semester to a research-based company of interest in San Antonio.

Research Experience

REACT Scholars are encouraged to engage in intramural and/or extramural research. UTSA offers many student research training programs on campus and the REACT program can facilitate summer internships at other universities.

Participation in Outreach and Peer Mentoring

In their second year, REACT Scholars are invited to volunteer to serve as mentors to incoming scholars and to participate in outreach activities.

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