"We have Dreamers on our campus. Their presence here is a testament to their fortitude, resilience and their own specific contributions to our familia."

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"You can be certain of our support as you continue to pursue your dreams – the American dream – to obtain an education and build a better future for you and your families."

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Learn about UTSA resources to support DACA and undocumented Roadrunners and how to become a Dreamers ally. These sessions are for UTSA faculty and staff.

A Downtown Campus session and student-focused sessions will be announced soon.

Tuesday, November 7
3-4:30 p.m.
Retama Auditiorium, University Center 2.02.02

Thursday, November 9
3–4:30 p.m.
Travis Room, H-E-B University Center 2.202

Campus Resources

As a resource to UTSA's undocumented students, the following offices/individuals have been identified as points of contact to assist with questions related to residency, financial aid, counseling, admissions and more. Students needing further assistance can contact Student Ombudsperson Carol Gonzalez at 210-458-4040.

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), UTSA does not release the personal information of its students, outside of public directory information.



UTSA Academic Advising's mission is to support the holistic development of all students by cultivating trusting and collaborative relationships. Undocumented undergraduate students who need academic advising assistance can contact Barbara Smith or Angelica Barrera to get connected with academic advising.

Barbara Smith | Executive Director of Undergraduate Advising | barbara.smith@utsa.edu | 210-458-5586
Angelica Barrera | Executive Director of Undergraduate Advising | angelica.barrera@utsa.edu | 210-458-6517



We can help answer questions about how DACA applicants can apply to UTSA.

Monica S. Gonzalez | Senior One-Stop Counselor | monica.gonzalez2@utsa.edu | 210-458-7158
Jennifer McDaniel | Senior Undergraduate Admissions Counselor | Jennifer.mcdaniel@utsa.edu



The UTSA Police Department’s goal is to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors, regardless of immigration status. We will not routinely ask for anyone’s immigration status during the course of our normal police duties.

Lt. Thomas Calucci | University Police | thomas.calucci@utsa.edu | 210-458-4421
Emergency | 210-458-4911



The University Career Center is dedicated to helping DACA students in their career development process, assisting with the process of finding, applying and connecting with opportunities of which they are eligible.

Karen Ivy | Assistant Director, Student Services | karen.ivy@utsa.edu | 210-458-7136



Counseling Services welcomes students with immigration status concerns.  Students can access counselors in a safe, supportive and confidential space.

Dr. Melva Torne-Boyd | Psychologist | melva.torne-boyd@utsa.edu | 210-458-4140



The Student Center for Community Engagement & Inclusion is a safe space for all UTSA students and promotes inclusion as both a process and an outcome that allows everyone to participate fully in campus life and the San Antonio community. 

Lydia Bueno | Assistant Dean of Students | lydia.bueno@utsa.edu | 210-458-7968



Students who have been classifed as Texas residents for tuition purposes may also be eligible to received state financial aid. Additionally, undocumented students may be eligibile for certain scholarships.

Monica S. Gonzalez | Senior One-Stop Counselor | monica.gonzalez2@utsa.edu | 210-458-7158
Humberto Trinidad | Financial Aid & Scholarships Associate Director | humberto.trinidad@utsa.edu | 210-458-4608



Undocumented graduate and doctoral students may be eligible for an in-state tuition waiver; please contact us for more information.

Ana Leos | Associate Director of Graduate Admissions | ana.leos@utsa.edu | 210-458-4681

Undocumented graduate students in need of academic assistance can contact Ginger Hernandez in the Graduate School.

Ginger Hernandez | Assistant to the Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School | ginger.hernandez@utsa.edu | 210-458-6878



UTSA students can contact International Student Services (ISS) regarding immigration questions or concerns. While ISS does not provide legal services, we are able to provide specific immigration resources and answer general immigration questions.

Courtney Balderas | Assistant Director of International Student Services | courtney.balderas@utsa.edu | 210-458-7267



DACA students may be eligible to pay resident (in-state) tuition; please contact residency@utsa.edu or go to http://www.utsa.edu/registrar/residency/ for more information.

Faculty Contacts

In addition to the staff/offices listed above, there are faculty members in each college who can assist undocumented students with issues related to the college or department. Students needing further assistance or faculty who have questions about supporting undocumented students can contact Dr. Lilliana Saldana, associate professor in the Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies, at lilliana.saldana@utsa.edu or 210-458-4426.


College of Architecture, Construction & Planning

Dr. Antonio Petrov, Assistant Professor
MNT 3.380K | antonio.petrov@utsa.edu

College of Business

Dr. Lisa Montoya, Associate Dean
BB 2.01.08 | lisa.montoya@utsa.edu | 210-458-5782

College of Education and Human Development

Dr. Enrique Aleman, Professor and Department Chair
enrique.aleman@utsa.edu | 210-458-5411

Dr. Margarita Machado-Casas, Associate Professor, Bicultural-Bilingual Studies
MB 3.302E | margarita.machadocasas@utsa.edu | 210-458-5571

College of Engineering

Dr. Krystel Castillo, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
AET 2.303 | krystel.castillo@utsa.edu | 210-458-8746

College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Dr. Vivianna Rojas, Associate Professor, Communication
MB 2.248P | viviana.rojas@utsa.edu | 210-458-7726

Dr. Catherine Nolan-Ferrell, Associate Professor, History
MH 4.04.34 | catherine.ferrell@utsa.edu | 210-458-7452

Dr. Alistair Welchman, Associate Professor, Philosophy
MH 4.05.30M | alistair.welchman@utsa.edu | 210-458-7215

College of Public Policy

Dr. Patricia Jaramillo, Lecturer III, Public Administration
DBB 4.114 | patricia.jaramillo@utsa.edu | 210-458-2716

College of Sciences

Dr. Edwin Barea-Rodriguez, Associate Dean
FLN 3.02.18 | edwin.barea@utsa.edu | 210-458-5481

Honors College

Prof. John Phillip Santos, Distinguished Senior Lecturer
MS 4.02.20 | john.santos@utsa.edu | 210-458-8843

University College

Prof. Lindsay Ratcliffe, Lecturer III, Writing Core Program
GSR 1.112L | lindsay.ratcliffe@utsa.edu | 210-458-7727

First-Year Experience

Dr. Susan Colorado-Burt, Lecturer II, Academic Inquiry & Scholarship
MS 1.02.04 | susan.colorado@utsa.edu | 210-458-7511

External Resources


Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) 

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

St. Mary’s University Center for Legal and Social Justice

San Antonio Bar Association

Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES)


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

U.S. Department of Homeland Security