The Ombuds office serves as an informal and impartial resource available to all faculty, staff, students or other members of the UTSA community. Visitors to the Ombuds office are welcome to discuss any concern that is interfering with their academic or work life. 

The Ombuds office is also a safe space to confidentially raise concerns or make recommendations for systems-level change. All meetings are kept confidential, with some exceptions, and individuals remain in control of how they wish to address their concerns.

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What Can They Help With?

  • Listening
  • Developing Options
  • Communication Approaches
  • Policy Support
  • Facilitation & Mediation
  • Shuttle Diplomacy
  • Resources & Referrals

What Don’t They Do?

  • Does Not Participate in Formal Processes
  • Not a Personal Advocate
  • No Legal or Mental Health Counseling
  • No Policy Authority
  • Review Anonymous Information


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