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quote  If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.  quote
- Confucius


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Recent News & Announcements

UTSA Summer Program in Kyoto

Tentative dates: June 30-July 22, 2018

Application deadline: Nov. 29, 2017

Immerse yourself in Japanese language and culture through homestay, temple/shrine/museum visits, Gion Festival, formal language instruction, field trips to Nara and Arashiyama, language exchange, tea ceremony, calligraphy, Japanese food, and more.

- For program fee and other program info, click here

- Download letter of recommendation form here

- Download application forms here (download and save the form on your compute. Fill it out and save it again before printing and signing on page 2. Scan and submit the completed fom to

- Read past program's newsletter here

- See a video of Kyoto here

UTSA Summer Program in China

Tentative dates: May 9-30, 2018

Application deadline: Feb. 5, 2018

Immerse yourself in Chinese language and culture through temple and museum visits, formal language instruction, field trips, calligraphy, Chinese food, language exchange and more.

- For program fee and other program info, click here

UTSA to host San Antonio's 5th Japanese Play Contest

Date: Feb. 24 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Location: Main Bldg. (MB) 0.104 UTSA Main Campus

Come show off your Japanese language and acting skills at the 2018 Japanese Play Contest and win prizes! Next year's theme is "Future Japan (日本の未来).

Download entry forms here

Download rules and guidelines here

Parking info for off-campus visitors: click here

Cooking with Chinatsu

Chinatsu Oku, East Asia Institute's Japan Outreach Coordinatorwill host a series of hands-on cooking lessons this semester. Register early to secure a spot! Read the schedule here.

Japan Roundtable with Chinatsu

Chinatsu Oku, East Asia Institute's Japan Outreach Coordinator will host a series of roundtable discussions to help San Antonians learn various aspects of Japanese culture. Read the meeting dates and topics here.

EAI welcomes Chinatsu Oku as the new Japan Outreach Coordinator

Chinatsu will help promote understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture at UTSA and in San Antonio.

Read more about Chinatsu and how to request her presentation and workshop services here

Newsletter No. 1

Newsletter No. 2

Beginning-Level Korean Language Classes for Credit Available at UTSA this fall

Offered by the Dept. of Modern Languages, these are four-credit classes. Call 210.458.5226 for more info.

Japan Study Tour Report

UTSA's students returned from Japan for a study tour and was immersed in the language and culture with homestay in Kyoto.


Read more on 2013 program....


Read more on UTSA Summer Program at Kyoto Univeristy of Foreign Studies 2015

Tomoe san, we will miss you...

Tomoe Kumashiro served as a Japan Outreach Coordinator from 2011-2013 at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She left several legacies and will be missed by her new found friends in the Alamo City. To read more about Tomoe Kumashiro

Read Jumping for JOI quarterly newsletter (Aug.-Nov., 2011)

Read Jumping for JOI Quarterly newsletter2 (Dec. 2011-March 2012)

Reading Jumping for JOI Quarterly newsletter 3 (April-July, 2012)

Earthquakes and Tsunami hit Japan's Tohoku Area

The East Asia Institute and the UTSA community share our concern and sympathy for those that have been deeply affected in the earthquakes/tsunami tragedy that occurred on March 11, 2011 in Japan.

To find people in the affected areas, learn travel info to Japan and the most up to date news, and to make donations for the victims, please use the following links:

Read UTSA's Fundraising Efforts for Japan: "UTSA Cares about Japan" Donation Drive


































































































































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Kyoto Tokyo route planning

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Kyoto bus routes and station info

2016 KUFS Summer All Handouts

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Feature Stories

Feature Stories of 2017

Korean Percussion Group Kwanggaeto performs at UTSA

China Town Hall

JET Program Info Session

Too Few Women at the Top:  Organizational and Institutional Obstacles Against Gender Equality in Japan

Japanese Summer Camp (July)

Japanese Summer Camp (June)

San Anttonio's 5th Kimchi Festival

3rd Annual Korean Speech Contest

Talk on Japan with Fulbright Alumni: Japan as the Front Runner of Dealing with Emerging Issues

Building Bridges by Crossing Borders: How Citizens Diplomacy is Creating Global Stability

Student Forum on Current Events and Issues in East Asia

San Antonio's 4th Annual Japanese Play Contest

UTSA Summer Program at Chang'An University (Xi'an, China)


Feature Stories of 2016

Japan-U.S. Relations: Present and Future

JET Information Session (English Teaching In Japan

Teaching English in China and Taiwan

Korea-U.S. Alliance: Stronger and Deeper Relations than Ever

2020 Vision: English Education in Japan

Japanese Summer Camp August 2016

Japanese Summer Camp June 2016

San Antonio's 4th Annual Kimchi Festival

San Antonio's second annual Korean Speech Contest

Japan's Senior Life Design in the Positive Welfare Era

The Future of the U.S.-Japan Strategic Partnership

EAI Intern Nagisa Isono Report

East Asia Student Forum

San Antonio's 3rd Annual Japanese Play Contest

Feature Stories of 2015

Crossing the Cultural Divide: Doing Business in Japan

Kumamoto Day

EPIK (English Program in Korea)

Kyoto Univeristy of Foreign Studies President Takeshi Matsuda's visit to UTSA

Kasamayaki Film Screening

JET Program information Session

UTSA in Japan: summer study abroad at Kyoto University of Forign Studies

Japanese Summer Camp

San Antonio's 2nd Japanese Theater Play Contest

2015 Kimchi Festival

San Antonio's Inaugural Korean Speech Contest

Japan, Asia, and the U.S.

Taiwanese Students' Self-identity:
"Is Taiwan Chinese? Perspectives from the Strawberry Generation of Taiwanese Youth

"2015 UTSA Summer Program at Chang'An Univeristy" Info Session

Feature Stories of 2014

Taiwanese Visiting Artist Workshops on Calligraphy and Ink Painting

The Essence of Toyota Production System (written by Paisano Student Newspaper)

Understanding Comtemporary Taiwanese Culture from Historical Perspectives

You are what you eat: Food, Taiwan, and Ang Lee

JET Information Session

English Teaching Opportunities in Korea: TaLK and EPIK Info Sessions

UTSA TaLK Scholars and 13th Gen TaLK Opening Ceremony

Japanese Language and Culture Summer Camp

Eat Drink Man Woman

Assembly Dance Theatre public performance at UTSA

The Wedding Banquet Film Screening and Discussion

San Antonio's Inaugural Japanese Play Contest

San Antonio's 2nd Kimchi Festival

Ang Lee Film Festival (Opening) and the Public Screening of Life of Pi

Feature Stories of 2013

Perspectives of 21st century Taiwan

Taiwan and Sinology Seminars

Sinology Trivia Contest and Chinese Cultural Video Contest

Taiwanese Visiting Artist Workshops

Chinese Cultural Booths at the International Education Week Celebration

Go Grandriders and Love Public Screening

San Antonio Museum of Art Field Trip Report

Taiwan Series Grand Opening

"English Teaching Opportunities in Korea" Info Session

JET Program: Teaching English In Japan

A TaLK Scholar's Story

The Future Relations of KOR-US

"Cast me if you can" Public Screening

Sounds of Japan

Celebrations on Life in Japan

Feature Stories Fall 2012

"Departures" Public Screening

Night Market Hero Public Screening

Obon and the Japanese Ways of Honoring the Departed

Asian American Youth Leadership Summit

JET Info Forum

Taiwan Today

Korean Lang. and Culture Class at UTSA

2012 Summer Camps

Aging Issues in Korea

Feature Stories Spring 2012

-"Korean Class Grand Opening "

-"Pinoy Sundy Film Screening"

Feature Stories 2011

-"Kimchi Festival"

-"Critical Language Scholarship Program"

-"Teach and Learn in Korea"

-"UTSA Cares about Japan" Donation Drive

-"Reinvigorating APEC: Roles for the U.S. and Japan"

-"Family Day on Japanese Culture"

-"World Heritage Photos from Japan: Two Thousand Years of Legacies" photography exhibition now opens

-"On Zen" lecture

-"Chopsticks-Fork Principle" lecture

Feature Stories 2010

-Da Dun Exhibition

-Contemporary Chinese Art and Society

-Family Day

-Japanese Fabric Arts/Traditions in Textiles

-Partnership between Korea and Texas in the 21st Century

-Japanese Sensitivity of Space

-East Asia Summer Camps at UTSA

-China's News Media:Transition Shaped by Power and Money

-UTSA and Kumamoto University sign exchange agreement

-Teaching English in Japan: The JET Program Information Forum

-TaLK_EPIK Info Session

-Speaking in Tongues public viewing

Feature Stories 2009

-The Samsui Women of Singapore

-Mongolia at the Crossroads

-Japan-U.S Relations

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