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  • UTSA Paralegal Program
  • UTSA Registered Behavior Technician Course
  • UTSA Test Preperation Workshops
  • UTSA Six Sigma and Lean Services

Welcome, Visitors! UTSA Extended Education is currently conducting a needs analysis to determine the continuing professional education demands of the San Antonio metro area and beyond.

According to a March 2016 report by the Pew Research Center, 63% of working adults consider themselves ‘professional learners.’ This demographic has taken steps to improve their efficiency in the workplace by taking courses in the past 12 months. Professional learners seek to improve their job skills, gain a license or certification or modernize their skills to receive a promotion.

Extended Education wants to remain a top tier resource for professional learners and we need your insight!

Tell us about your professional development needs. Teachers, engineers, social workers, architects, programmers, counselors, project managers and many more professions require relicensing, certifications or continuing education units (CEUs). What can we offer to assist you in reaching your professional goals?

By completing a short survey, you can help us expand our catalog to serve the needs of professional learners, like you.

Give us your feedback here!

AP Summer Institute

Over 20 Pre-Ap and AP courses offered. Please click here to view rules and regulations.

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Strategic Advocacy Campaign

Strategic Advocacy

Introducing the Strategic Advocacy Campaign Workshop Series. Identify, Describe, Assess, Design, Enhance.

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Test Prep

Ongoing test prep workshops to help you prepare for the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, or SAT.

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Registered Behavior

Registered Behavior Technician

Applied behavior analysis is more relevant than ever before, become an RBT paraprofessional.

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Six Sigma and Leadership Management

Find a workshop for your office: Six Sigma (Yellow, Green & Black), Office Kaizen, and more.

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OSHA and Work Safety

Make safety a priority for yourself and your organization with OSHA, RM, OG, MM, and safety training courses

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Cyber & IT Security

IT & Cyber Security

You can take a track (Apprentice, Technician, or Master) which include three business week long courses.

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Transient Students

Enroll in select regular, undergraduate curriculum courses on as a non-UTSA student.

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Online Courses

UTSA Online Continuing Education Courses

Enhance your skills or start a career transition by taking online continuing education courses

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