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President's Distinguished Achievement Award for Teaching Excellence

(one award for tenured faculty, one award for tenure-track faculty and one award for non-tenure-track faculty)

Purpose of award

These awards are to recognize, encourage and reward accomplished faculty whose command of their respective disciplines, teaching methodologies, communication skills and commitment to learning translate into a superior learning experience for students. These awards are aimed at faculty who maintain high expectations and standards for their students, ensuring academic rigor, while meeting the challenges of motivating students and helping them develop into educated, ethical and responsible citizens.

Screening process and nomination packet

A President’s Distinguished Teaching Achievement Award review committee will focus on these three teaching awards and be composed of former teaching award recipients. The nomination packet for this award will consist of only the following, assembled into a single PDF file in the order indicated:

  1. award nomination form
  2. recent letter of support/nomination from the department chair addressing the nominee's qualifications for this award
  3. two recent letters of support from current and/or former students
  4. statement of teaching philosophy (not to exceed five pages) that clearly discusses (with examples and rationale) all aspects of teaching including student learning outcomes, methods and assessment.
  5. two recent syllabi
  6. two recent, complete sets of course evaluations (including student comments, if available, and statistical summaries)

No additional materials should be submitted.

Previous recipients of the President’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Teaching Excellence are ineligible for nomination for this award.

Tenured faculty will be considered based on sustained excellence over time whereas tenure-track faculty will be evaluated based on their accomplishments to date and promise in the classroom.

Each college may submit a maximum number of nominees (based on the size of the college) for each award category (tenured, tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty):


Maximum Number
of Nominees















University College


Honors College






Past Recipients

2016  Hector R. Aguilar, Sciences
Ian Caine, Architecture, Construction and Planning
Michael L. Cepek, Liberal and Fine Arts

2015  Amy Chanmugam, Public Policy
Andria Crosson, Liberal and Fine Arts
Jill Fleuriet, Liberal and Fine Arts

2014  Jeremy Sullivan, Education and Human Development
Kathryn Brown, Liberal and Fine Arts
Deborah Wagner, Liberal and Fine Arts

2013  Randall Manteufel, Engineering
Jill Hernandez, Liberal and Fine Arts
Eileen Achorn, Liberal and Fine Arts

2012  Catherine Nolan-Ferrell, Liberal and Fine Arts
David Han, Business
Marian Aitches, Liberal and Fine Arts

2011  Can Saygin, Engineering
Jenifer Thornton, Education and Human Development
David Hansen, Liberal and Fine Arts

2010  Amy Jasperson, Liberal and Fine Arts
John H. Alexander, Architecture
Karen Dodwell, Liberal and Fine Arts

2009  Ben Olguin, Liberal and Fine Arts
Jianwei Niu, Sciences
Ron Sweet, Business

2008  Kolleen Guy, Liberal and Fine Arts
Carola Wenk, Sciences
Thomas Cannon, Business

2007  Richard Gambitta, Liberal and Fine Arts
Richard Utecht, Business
Misty Sailors, Education and Human Development
Cathy S. Key, Sciences

2006  Dmitry Gokhman, Sciences
P. Elizabeth Pate, Education and Human Development
Yiuman Tse, Business
Joleen Beltrami, Business

2005  James E. Groff, Business
Blanche Desjean-Perrotta, Education and Human Development
Michael Anderson, Business

2004  Cheryl Linthicum, Business
Ronald C. Binks, Liberal and Fine Arts
Carmen Fies, Education and Human Development

2003  Nandini Kannan, Business
Melvin C. Laracey, Liberal and Fine Arts
Craig M. Blount, Architecture

2002 Daniel Engster, Liberal and Fine Arts
Susan Keehn, Education and Human Development
Lars Hansen, Engineering

2001  Janis Harmon, Education and Human Development
Jerome Keating, Business
Vincent Di Martino, Business

2000  Mark E. Allen, Fine Arts and Humanities
James H. McDonald, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Molly E. Lynch, Social and Behavioral Sciences

1999  Robert A. Collinge, Business
Robert J. Rustowicz, Fine Arts and Humanities
Roy H. “Skip” Eno Jr., Fine Arts and Humanities

1998  Bonnie Lyons, Fine Arts and Humanities
Carolyn Kessler, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Rama Rao, Sciences and Engineering

1997  Jillian Heydt-Stevenson, Fine Arts and Humanities
Nancy Martin, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Janet Fetzer, Fine Arts and Humanities

1996  Cheryl Fulkerson, Business
F. Alexander Norman, Sciences and Engineering
Carol Dyas, Sciences and Engineering

1995  Kenneth Weiher, Business
Mary Lou Zeeman, Sciences and Engineering
Nichols Grimes, Sciences and Engineering

1994  Eileen T. Lundy, Fine Arts and Humanities
David Johnson, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Gale Ruth Terry, Social and Behavioral Sciences

1993  Patricia M. Harris, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Kenneth Hovey, Fine Arts and Humanities
Diane Abdo, Fine Arts and Humanities

1992  Wendy Barker, Fine Arts and Humanities
E. Lou Curry, Business
Virginia Meyer, Social and Behavioral Sciences

1991  Bonnie K. Lyons, Fine Arts and Humanities
Paul L. Preston, Business
Paul Kevin Davis, Social and Behavioral Sciences

1990  G. Alberto Arroyo, Sciences and Engineering
William G. Mitchell, Business
Carol A. Britt, Fine Arts and Humanities

1989  Richard Gambitta, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Jerome Keating, Business