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President's Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in University Service

(one award for tenured/tenure-track faculty and one award for non-tenure-track faculty)

Purpose of award

This award is to recognize, encourage and reward those tenured and tenure-track faculty who are exemplary in their commitment to service within the university whose service has had major impact on the opportunities, lives and future of UTSA students by providing leadership in critical areas such as advising students; student, department, college and university committee service; and/or creating new student programs and opportunities.

Screening process and nomination packet

A President’s Distinguished Service Achievement Award review committee will focus on these two awards and be composed of former service award recipients. The nomination packet for this award will consist of only the following, assembled into a single PDF file in the order indicated:

  1. award nomination form
  2. recent letter of support/nomination from the department chair
  3. two recent letters of support from colleagues
  4. self-statement of service to UTSA (not to exceed five pages). The statement should speak to
    • the nature and quality of service to the university
    • impact on the students.
  5. current curriculum vitae that includes record of UTSA service

No additional materials should be submitted.

Previous recipients of the President’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in University Service are ineligible for nomination for this award.

Tenured faculty will be considered based on sustained excellence over time whereas tenure-track faculty will be evaluated based on their accomplishments to date and career trajectory.

Each college may submit a maximum number of nominees (based on the size of the college) for each award category (tenured and tenure-track):


Maximum Number
of Nominees















University College


Honors College



Past Recipients

2016  Rhonda Gonzales, Liberal and Fine Arts
Martha Smith, University College

2015  Elaine Sanders, Business

2014  James Dykes, Liberal and Fine Arts
Diane Abdo, University College

2013  Mary McNaughton-Cassill, Liberal and Fine Arts
Thomas Cannon, Business

2012  Carola Wenk, Sciences

2011  Richard Gambitta, Liberal and Fine Arts
Lisa Montoya, Business

2010  Alan Shoho, Education and Human Development
Daniel Tablada, Business

2009  Ann Eisenberg, Honors

2008  Maricela Oliva, Education and Human Development
Weining Zhang, Sciences

2007  L.J. Shrum, Business

2006  Kay Robbins, Sciences

2005  Cynthia Perez McCluskey, Public Policy

2004  Marcheta Evans, Education and Human Development

2003  Manuel P. Berriozabal, Sciences

2002  Jahan Eftekhar, Engineering

2001  Amir Karimi, Engineering

2000  Steven R. Levitt, Fine Arts and Humanities

1999  Scott D. Lipscomb, Fine Arts and Humanities

1998  Linda Woodson, Fine Arts and Humanities

1997  Ann Eisenberg, Social and Behavioral Sciences

1996  Richard Diem, Social and Behavioral Sciences

1995  David R. Johnson, Social and Behavioral Sciences

1994  Robert Lengel, Business

1993  Rodolpho Sandoval, Business

1992  William T. Flannery, Business

1991  Betty Sue Polly Travis, Sciences and Engineering

1990  Richard J. Harris, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Daphne D. Sipes, Business