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 Spring 2018, End of Semester Symposium

April 28: Students shared their research internships and career externships experience during the program symposium.

Research internship topics included: Global climatology of sea surface salinity (supervisor: Dr. Alberto Mestas-Nuñez); Eddy separation in the Loop Current System (supervisor: Dr. Alberto Mestas-Nuñez); The evolution of surface melting on Nansen Ice Shelf (supervisor: Dr. Hongjie Xie); Lithological and geochemical analysis of the upper Eagle Ford - Austin Chalk Groups boundary (supervisor: Dr. Alexis Godet); Chemostratigraphic analysis of Ruby Ranch carbonate sediment, Utah (supervisor: Dr. Marina Suarez); Assessment of the geochemistry of groundwaters from wells and springs witin the Nueces, South Llano and West Nueces river basins, Edwards / Real counties (supervisor: Dr. Yongli Gao); Speleothems and paleoclimate change (supervisor: Dr. Jessica Kelley); Analyzing magmatic fabric patterns in the Younger Granite, Llano Uplift, Central Texas, USA (supervisor: Dr. Walter Gray); Bed material transport in the San Antonio River (supervisor: Dr. Judy Haschenburger); Geochemical analysis of Albian depositional conditions in Santa Elena Canyon (supervisor: Dr. Alexis Godet); Geochemical evaluation of Edwards and Trinity aquifers based on multiport well data: an investigation into hydrogeological interaction (supervisor: Dr. Yongli Gao); Sample preparation for paleoclimate research in Northwest China (supervisor: Dr. Marina Suarez); Age approximation of Yonger Granite intrusions through foliations analysis (supervisor: Dr. Walter Gray).

Externships were performed at the following companies:

  • Energy Resources: EOG Resources, BlackBrush Oil & Gas L.P., Lilis Energy;

  • Water Resources: Edwards Aquifer Authority, U.S. Geological Survey, Southwest Research Institute;

  • Geo-environmental Assessment: Terracon,Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises, Southwest Research Institute

 Spring 2018, Professional Workshops:

January 20 and 26: Kingdom and Petra Software in Subsurface Exploration. Energy Resources career track.

February 20: Streamflow gauging at the USGS. Water Resources career track.

March 3: Ground Penetrating Radar. Geo-environmental Assessment career track.

 Fall 2017, End of Semester Symposium:

December 2nd: Students shared their internship experience during the program symposium. Externships were performed at the following companies:

  • Energy Resources: Abraxas Petroleum Corporation, BlackBrush Oil & Gas L.P., Lilis Energy

  • Water Resources: Edwards Aquifer Authority, U.S. Geological Survey, San Antonio River Authority

  • Geo-environmental Assessment: Terracon, Raba Kistner, San Antonio Testing Lab

 Fall 2017, Professional Workshops:

September 15-17: Modules offered during the annual Texas Hydro-Geo Workshop. Water Resources and Geo-environmental Assessment career tracks.

November 4-5: Introduction to seismic interpretation, short course offered during the annual convention of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies. Energy Resources career track.

 Spring 2017, End-of-Semester Symposium:

April 29: Students shared their research experience during the program symposium. Research topics included:

  • Orientation, Petrology and Shape of Mafic Enclaves of the Enchanted Rock Batholith (supervisor: Dr. Walter Gray)

  • Downstream Fining of Sediments in the San Antonio River (supervisor: Dr. Judy Haschenburger)

  • Preparing of Ammonoid Samples for Suture Examination and Microscope Analysis (supervisor: Dr. Lance Lambert)

  • Climate Change and the Mayan Collapse: High Resolution Paleoclimate Reconstruction from Speleothem records in Belize (supervisor: Dr. Jessica Kelley)

  • Precision Drawing of Ammonoid Sutures to Demonstrate a Hypothesis (supervisor: Dr. Lance Lambert)

  • Methods Utilized in Carbon Isotope Chemostratigraphy of Cretaceous Strata in Northwest China (supervisor: Dr. Marina Suarez)

  • Geochemical assessment of Albian environmental conditions in Big Bend National Park: the Glen Rose Formation (supervisor: Dr. Godet)

  • Paleoclimate: Analytical Methods of the Xinminpu Group, Hensel, and Yucca Formations (supervisor: Dr. Marina Suarez)

  • Observing the Change in Characteristics between the Waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Loop Current in Real Time (supervisor: Dr. Alberto Mestas-Nuñez)

  • Analysis of Petroleum Institute of Petroleum Institute Wadi Naqab samples from Triassic-Jurassic (T-J) boundary (supervisor: Dr. Marina Suarez)

  • Tracer Test to Determine the Groundwater Boundaries between the Nueces, Llano, and West Nueces Rivers, Edwards County, Texas (supervisor: Dr. Yongli Gao) Assessment of Size Selective Transport in a Matrix Bed Material (supervisor: Dr. Judy Haschenburger)

  • Coding Sea Glider Drone Senor Data with MATLAB (supervisor: Dr. Alberto Mestas-Nuñez)

 Fall 2016, Conference Presentation:

September 25-28: Geological Society of America annual Meeting, Denver, CO. Poster Presentation:

  • Suarez, M., Birnbaum, S., Gray, W., Godet, A., Haschenburger, J.K., Nuñez, A.-M., and Young, D. J. Using career experiences to strengthen pathways into the geoscience workforce. Paper No. 247-5.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number 1600542. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.


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