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Standing Committees

University Libraries Committee

The Committee will provide direction and advice to the Dean of Libraries related to policies and procedures for the operation of the University's libraries and the development of collections and internal library information technology resources. The Committee will be appointed by and be responsible to the Provost with recommendations from the Committee on Committees. Members shall serve two-year terms except for the student members who shall serve a one-year term. No member shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms.

Structure: 11 members

1 faculty member from each college (7 total)
1 undergraduate student
1 graduate student
Assistant Dean of Libraries
Dean of Libraries


Edward Burian College of Architecture, Construction and Planning 8/31/2020
David Han College of Business 8/31/2020
Martha Sidury Christiansen College of Education and Human Development 8/31/2019
Pranav Bhounsule College of Engineering 8/31/2020
Nazgol Bagheri College of Liberal and Fine Arts 8/31/2019
Maria Veronica Elias College of Public Policy 8/31/2020
David Jaffe College of Sciences 8/31/2019
Mariah Crippen Undergraduate Student 8/31/2019
Megan Curtis Graduate Student 8/31/2019
Posie Aagaard Assistant Dean, Library Ex officio
Dean Hendrix Dean of Libraries Ex officio

Last updated 8/28/2018