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Presentation Request Form

Student Health Services provides presentations for UTSA students and classroom instructors around campus free of charge. No audience is too small or too large. If you have a group of friends, a fraternity, student organization, a classroom or a conference, we can arrange a speaker for you. If you don't see a topic listed below, but have a health topic in mind, go to the last item on the list and request a presentation. You will be able to fill out a description of the presentation you would like to see.

Call Health Education at (210) 458-4142 and select option 5 if you have questions regarding Workshops and Presentations.

Arranging a presentation:

  • Review the topics below and choose one. Please keep it to one topic per meeting time.

  • Reserve/schedule a meeting place on-campus.

  • Complete the online presentation request* (PDF).

  • A Student Health Services representative will contact you to confirm and/or collect more details about your group's interest.

  • Submit a request at least 14 days in advance.


Alcohol and Drugs (45-50 minutes)
Do you think alcohol and drug use is all fun and games? Join us on a peer-led discussion on the risks of alcohol and drug use.

Healthy Relationships (45-50 minutes)
Discuss better ways of talking with that special someone as well as the shear joys and terrors of being in a relationship while in school. Single? We discuss that too.

Contraception (45-50 minutes)
ALL the answers to ALL your questions about having safer sex.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (45-50 minutes)
What's the Clap? Who's at risk? Why do I itch!? What is HIV/AIDS? Let us tell you the ABCs of STIs and prevention.

Calories, Portion Sizes and Fast Food (45-50 minutes)
Understand how calories, food choices and activity levels affect your weight and lifestyle. You'll learn how to eat better at fast food restaurants. This topic will make you think twice before buying the next supersized meal!

Meal Planning (30-45 minutes)
This workshop will help you plan meals for the week according to your time, schedule, and budget. You'll leave with a meal plan and shopping list to take along the next time you go grocery shopping.

How to Read Food Labels and Ingredients (30-45 minutes)
Become savvy consumers by reading a food by its packaging. Learn how to interpret food labels, understand which ingredients are good and not-so-good, and what to look for in healthier food choices.

Tobacco (45-50 minutes)
Hookah, cigarillos, dip, cigarettes, pipes, cigars and more. In this presentation, we will discuss all the various tobacco products and paraphernalia on the market, and the unique impact each one has on your health.

Another presentation topic not listed go to the online presentation request* (PDF).

*The online presentation form on this webpage is an interactive PDF. It requires version 8.0 or higher of Adobe Reader in order to be properly viewed, completed, and submitted online by pressing the "Submit" button. It cannot be submitted online on anything other than a computer running the Windows operating system. The form may be printed before submission.