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Dear fellow students,
My name is Dante and I am organizing a council of culturally based organization on campus. The council is officially known as the UTSA Multicultural Advisory Council (MAC). Based on events last semester, I became motivated to help bridge the gaps between communities of color on our campus. I firmly believe that because our university was founded on the basis of diversity, we as students have to uphold the responsibility to guarantee that our student body interactions reflect that basis.
I've noticed that we have many communities on campus, yet we remain divided and interactions typically only fall within our own communities. In order to create a better atmosphere of unity, my idea is to have representatives from every student organization that is founded from a cultural perspective to have at minimum two representatives attend MAC meetings held at least twice each semester (four times per year). We would also have trainings, workshops and other activities to strengthen all organizations involved. With a great amount of participation, the MAC will be able to:

I firmly believe that student life builds social and leadership skills that we will all be able to use in our lives beyond this campus. If your organization is interested in the MAC, please complete the follow form: We'll contact you with more details on future meetings. If you have questions or need clarification, please email me at
Best Regards,
Dante Baker