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What Does Identity Mean to You???

"Identity means how one wants to be known. Identity can also be other things: color, religion, political standing, sexual orientation, and more. As an ally to the GLBTQ community, this means so much that many students, including my friends, can identify themselves as they wish and in an environment where they are safe and protected to be their true self." UTSA Ally Student

"Being you!!!! Your personality, what you like, dreams and goals one has for themselves. How your present yourself to others physically (the way you dress) and mentally (attitude). UTSA is very diverse, welcomes all types of cultures, and campus encourages different personalities. It provides the ability for students to come together and share their views as one." UTSA Student

"UTSA is a great campus that allows its students to identify themselves as they wish in a safe environment."

Edward Miranda

"Campus environment allows anyone to EXPRESS THEMSELVES freely."

Berenice Jaramillo

In the spirit of homecoming this month, welcoming all students to this beautiful campus and making them feel at home is what UTSA strives to do every day. There are many new and returning students this year and some identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (GLBTQ). This important population, faces unique challenges in college. UTSA is an Ally University; there are programs on campus that help students and staff/faculty to understand anyone who identifies as GLBTQ. The Student Center for Community Engagement and Inclusion offers is a great place for resources such as workshops and programs.

UTSA Provides

  • ALLY Training workshops to assist staff/faculty to provide a safe nonjudgmental environment.
  • GLBTQ-specific workshops for students on campus.
  • Scholarship opportunities for students who are members of Spectrum
  • Spectrum's 6th Annual Gayla event– Amateur drag performance by members of the GLBTQ community.