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Roadrunner Connections is committed to developing positive and purposeful relationships between students and mentors by fostering transformative learning and providing a holistic approach to student engagement, retention and success at UTSA

How does the Mentor Program Work?

The program views the mentoring relationship between mentors and students as a partnership.  A joint commitment is required in order to attain joint gains. Meetings between mentor and mentee are as flexible as the participants desire them to be: they can occur as often as it is convenient and range from casual exchanges to formal meetings. All freshman and transfer students are welcome in the program.

Roadrunner Connections

Roadrunner Connections

What is a Mentor?

  • Someone who is familiar with UTSA programs and resources
  • Someone who will listen to your concerns/questions and will help you access available resources
  • Advisor
  • Coach
  • Positive Role Model
  • Supporter

Benefits of a Mentor?

  • Support and encourage you throughout your first-year at UTSA
  • Create and inform you of opportunities to meet new people
  • Someone to ask questions, talk to or visit with
  • Identify campus resources when you need them such as tutoring, writing assistance, financial aid questions, housing questions or concerns, etc.

I want a Mentor!


First time UTSA freshman and transfer students are invited to apply to Roadrunner Connections prior to the beginning of the fall semester.  Students interested in the program should complete our online application. The information you include in your application will be used to find a mentor for you, so please list as much information as possible. You will be provided with contact information for your mentor the week before school starts.