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What is service-learning?

Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy, or pedagogy, that integrates meaningful community service into an academic course with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, instill a sense of civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.


Is service-learning for you?

Start by asking yourself two questions: What do my students need to know when they finish the course? Can service with a community partner enhance this learning? If the answer is yes, the ICE Center Service-Learning can provide support and advisement.

Service Learning

What type of services and support does the Center for Service-Learning offer to UTSA faculty?

Faculty interested in service-learning are invited to discuss their ideas with the Center for Service-Learning staff. We will work with you to consider appropriate community partners, serve as liaison with community agencies, and help you think through how directed reflection can be integrated into your syllabus.

The Center for Service-Learning is committed to supporting our service-learning faculty colleagues in their exciting, and rewarding ventures as they continue to implement service-learning, spanning both undergraduate and graduate courses.


How to integrate service-learning into your course

Email our staff at to express your interest in service-learning. Please send a copy of your syllabus even if from a previous semester. This starts the planning process to develop an excellent service-learning course, and enables the Service-Learning Staff to work with you to make appropriate choices for selecting community-based partners for service-learning.

Our staff will contact you to plan a mutually convenient time to meet and discuss your course. In this meeting, we will work together to develop an integrated course as well as potential community connections.

The Service-Learning Staff will provide you with a tentative list of suggested community organizations that best fit your service-learning course objectives.

Service Learning