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Raymond T. Garza, Ph.D.

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History of Psychology (PSY 4003.001)

Office: MH (formerly HSS) 4.03.12
Hours: MW 2:00-3:30 &
by appointment



The course provides a historical overview of the theoretical and empirical roots of the field of psychology. Lecture and discussion topics include relevant major theoretical positions and research strategies in psychology from the ancient Greeks to the present, with emphasis on the development of a scientific psychology since the late nineteenth century. A framework of historical analysis, which incorporates several basic theoretical and methodological questions, is used to evaluate as well as compare and contrast the history and evolving impact of different systematic orientations in psychology. The framework emphasizes theory, methodology, and context.  Course prerequisites: in addition to catalogue prerequisites, Psychology 2523 (Personality), Psychology 2543 (Theories of Learning), and Psychology 3403 (Experimental Psychology) are also recommended as prerequisites.