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Payroll Office

Payroll Vouchers

Payroll Vouchers are processed and paid on the Semi-Monthly Paydays. Payroll Vouchers are either Manual Vouchers (Paper) or Electronic Payroll Vouchers, which consist of either OV1 or OV5s.

Ensure you are aware and meet the Payroll Calendar Voucher Deadlines.

The following table lists the employee types paid on the Semi-Monthly Payroll and their corresponding Payroll Voucher process:

Payroll Voucher Table

Employee or Pay Type  Voucher Type Required
 Award or Incentive Pay  Manual
 Hourly - Regular Employee  Electronic -OV1
 Hourly - Temporary Employee  Electronic -OV1
 Occasional Employee  Manual
 On-Call Pay  Electronic -OV5
 Overtime Pay  Electronic -OV5
 Vacation Payout - Terminated  Manual
 Work-Study Student Employee  Electronic -OV1

Vouchers: Select on of the following vouchers links for details and instructions for each type at the Payroll Voucher side-bar located to the right.


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