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Kathryn Mayer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Office: AET 3.348
Phone: (210) 458-8281

Lab website:

Areas of Specialization

» Biophysics
» Optical techniques
» Plasmonics
» Single molecule studies


Ph.D. in Physics; Rice University
M.S. in Physics; Rice University
B.S. in Physics; Rice University


Research Interests

Our lab uses optical techniques to study the bio-nano interface. In particular, we specialize in the detection and imaging of single molecules, and the interaction of molecules with metal surfaces. We are currently developing three major projects: 1) the use of ultra-sensitive localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensors to measure molecular binding and conformational changes on surfaces; 2) super-resolution microscopy studies of surface bound molecules, including nanoparticle-bound antibodies; and 3) single-molecule kinetics studies based upon microwell technology. By understanding the details of the bio-nano interface, we hope to improve existing nanoparticle bioconjugate techniques and gain insight into fundamental biophysical questions.



Click here for a list of publications.