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Ph.D. Forms

Forms P1-P4 are prior to candidacy. Forms C1-C4 are after advancing to candidacy.


P1 - Interim Program of Study for the Doctor of Physics (outlines course requirements for duration of program)
  Note: P1 may change over the course of your program. A final program of study will be submitted upon completion of program.
P2 - Qualifiying Exam Committee

Required Forms for Qualifying Examination
P3 - Completion of the Qualifying Exam (»» QE Rubric required)
P4 - Application for Candidacy for the Doctoral Degree
C1 - Appointment of Doctoral Dissertation Committee

Required Forms for Dissertation Defense
C2 - Dissertation Proposal Approval (submit at least 6 months BEFORE Dissertation Defense)
C3 - Certificate of Completion of Dissertation Requirements for Doctoral Degree (»» Dissertation Rubric Required)
C4 - Program of Study for the Doctor of Physics

Additional Forms
PR1 - Graduate Student Annual Progress Report
  Note: PR1 should be submitted to the department every year at beginning of Fall semester