Office of the President


President's Student Leadership Council

The President's Student Leadership Council (PSLC) was established in the fall of 2013. The Council was established to provide an opportunity for the President to engage in an on-going dialogue with student leaders who exemplify well-rounded excellence through leadership, academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and service to the university and community.

In this manner, the President will have an opportunity to gather insights and ideas on ways to improve the student experience at UTSA. In a similar manner, the members of the Student Leadership Council will learn first-hand about the President’s institutional priorities and serve as champions and ambassadors on his behalf to the UTSA student community.

In selecting the membership for the Council, special attention was given to the broad variety of student experiences each member brings forth, as well as the audience each represents. In this way, a wide-ranging set of perspectives and interest are represented as the group engages in a conversation with the President.

The Council is comprised of up to 20 students and is scheduled to meet on a monthly basis with the President. Council members will also be invited to attend events with UTSA administrators to bring forth the voice of the student community. In addition, the Council members will participate in a team-based project over the course of the year designed to help generate new ideas on topics that are important and relevant to the UTSA student body. Each team will be assigned a UTSA administrator to serve as a resource and mentor for the students as they progress with their project. Throughout the course of the year, the teams will be encouraged to provide update reports on their findings. At the end of the academic year, the student teams will be invited to present their findings and conclusions to the President and his executive team.