Faculty Hiring Cluster

Strengthening academic and research areas is critical to Tier One designation. In 2014, UTSA launched its GoldStar Initiative, a $40 million commitment to hire 60 new research-intensive faculty members. UTSA is now recruiting experts in advanced materials, open-cloud computing and cybersecurity, big data, biomedicine with an emphasis on neuroscience, brain health and infectious diseases, social and educational transformation as well as sustainable communities.

Through the UT System Chancellor's 2015 Vision, Chancellor McRaven has identified a series of initiatives called 'Quantum Leaps'. Leveraging the collective research power and facilitating collaboration across all 14 universities and healthcare institutions, UT System will address complex societal challenges, including leadership, national security, elementary education and brain health.

Given these priorities, UTSA will use funds from the GoldStar program, the generosity of our donors and other sources to "cluster hire" new faculty with well-established research expertise. The first clusters have been identified as the following.

Hiring Clusters