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Task Force on Preventing Sexual Violence on Campus

Following the March 2017 release of the Cultivating Learning and Safe Environments (CLASE) report, a student survey exploring the prevalence of sexual harassment, stalking, dating and domestic violence, and unwanted sexual contact on UT System campuses, UTSA President Ad Interim Pedro Reyes directed the formation of a new campus task force.

The President's Task Force on Preventing Sexual Violence on Campus is charged with ensuring that sexual assault awareness and prevention initiatives are integrated into daily campus life to reinforce appropriate behaviors and raise awareness of the programs and support services that UTSA offers to victims.

In the CLASE survey, 20 percent of UTSA students reported experiencing student-perpetrated sexual harassment, 12 percent reported stalking victimization and six percent reported rape victimization. Notably, 75 percent of victims did not report the incident and 90 percent of the incidents occurred off-campus. Ninety percent of unwanted sexual contact victims reported being in a close relationship with or acquaintances of their perpetrators.

"Sexual misconduct is not something we should talk about once a year during a 'national recognition' month or when you first enter college. It is something we should talk about every day until we have changed the culture," said Reyes. "I am asking this task force, and all UTSA faculty, staff and students, to become activists in that culture change. There must be zero tolerance for sexual misconduct."

UTSA first recognized more than a decade ago that intimate and interpersonal violence was a national issue that warranted a proactive and multi-faceted approach to ensure the well being of students. As a result, it became one of the first Texas universities to incorporate sexual assault reporting and investigations into its Title IX policies. Since that time, it has developed more than 40 unique educational initiatives and large-scale events to raise awareness of and prevent sexual misconduct and sexual assault, encourage greater reporting of incidents and teach students how alcohol and drugs can impair decision-making.


Task Force Charges

Task Force Charges for the President’s Task force on the Prevention of Sexual Violence on Campus contain the six elements: response, assessment, policy, reporting, transparency, and evaluation.

Charge 1: Coordinate campus response

Charge 2: Current Prevention Program Assessment

Charge 3: Assess need for new policies and processes

Charge 4: Reporting Options & Transparency

Charge 5: Climate Surveys and Program Evaluation

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Send Us Feedback

The Task Force would like to hear back from the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of the UTSA Tri-Campus community to learn what current programs are working and what we can do to improve these services.

All comments and suggestions will be kept anonymous unless you specifically indicate that you would like a response back.