1000 LB Club

The 1000 Pound Club is for participants to compete in three weight training lifts: Squat(At least 400lbs), Bench Press(At least 315lbs) and Hang Clean(At least 285lbs). The sum of these 3 lifts must equal or exceed 725, 850, or 1000 pounds to qualify as a member of this club and receive a prize and recognition.

Participant Procedures:

  • During the test, the lifter will do a 1RM (1 rep max) for Bench Press, Squat, and Hang clean
  • Participants will have a maximum for five (5) attempts total for the semester to obtain their 1RM.
  • The observing supervisor for the competition will record and total the three 1RMs and determine if the participants have reached the appropriate weight level.