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Student Organizations

Getting a New Organization Started

If you are interested in starting a new student organization, we provide you a limited opportunity to utilize on-campus facilities to gauge interest prior to completing all registration requirements.  You may reserve meeting space on one occasion through Events Management (http://calendar.utsa.edu, click “Request an Event”) for the sole purpose of having an interest meeting.  You will need to notify them that you are reserving space to hold an interest meeting for a potential student organization.  An interest meeting is defined as a meeting to explain the purpose of the organization, identify individuals interested in forming the organization and completing the requirements of registration (i.e. creating a constitution).  In addition to having one interest meeting, you may post on campus once (i.e. to advertise the interest meeting).   Postings must be approved through Student Activities (see the policies regarding postings).  Again, you will need to notify Student Activities that it is a posting for a potential student organization.    

Note:  These allowances do not apply to single-sex organizations (see definition on page 3 of the Handbook).  The procedures for starting a new single-sex organization prohibits any interest groups to operate on campus prior to being invited to expand onto campus (those policies are on page 6 of the Handbook).  For more information regarding the expansion process, refer to the policies outlined in the Student Organization Handbook or talk to the Greek Advisor in Student Activities.

New Student Organization Registration

In order to form a new student organization on campus, there are five steps that must be taken:

  1. Go to http://utsa.collegiatelink.net/ and in the upper right hand corner is the “Log In” button.  Use your regular computer log in (abc123).  Once you log in, go to “Organizations” at the top of the screen.  Then click on “Register a New Organization” on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Through the on-line process, you will submit a constitution.  It must be compliant with all required Constitution Guidelines (as outlined in the Student Organization Handbook).
  3. Attend an orientation session offered at least monthly by Student Activities.
  4. Receive an official notification from Student Activities that the organization is a registered student organization.
  5. Attend, at the level required of the University, one of the State Mandated Risk Management Training Sessions offered at the beginning of the semester. 

New Student Organization Orientation Sessions

Summer session times will be posted soon.

Student Organization Advisors
Guidelines for naming your Student Organization and using the UTSA logo
Constitution GuidelinesPDF
Sample Constitution PDF