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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is specifically designed to provide medical benefits and in some cases financial payments to employees on the payroll of the University of Texas San Antonio who suffer injuries or an occupational disease from during the course or scope of employment.

The links on the left and below summarize various aspects of the Workers Compensation program.

WCI Contact Information

Thomas A. Murph RN,BSN
Workers Compensation Coordinator
(210) 458-5304  

For preauthorization & bill review:

GENEX Services, Inc.

Preauth info:
Phone: 800-993-2637
Fax: 877-210-3753

Billing questions:
Phone: 972-385-8852, ext 6167
(Kirsten Griffin)

Injury Instructions



Preferred Providers

Injury Report Forms

Employee's First Report of Injury/Illness

Supervisor's First Report of Injury/Illness

Notification of on the Job Injury

Supplemental Report of Injury

Workers Compensation Request for Paid Leave

Workers Compensation Reimbursement

UTSA Return to Work Program

Return to Work Program

Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation Press Release for Treatment and Return-To-Work Guidelines

UT System and Texas State WCI Policies

UT System Workers Compensation Insurance

Texas Department of Insurance Division of Workers' Comp

Locate Doctor




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